Rule Five: There’s A Nip In The Air……

I hate cold weather.

For me, Illinois sucks. Brutal winters, damp and cold spring and fall.

If I am lucky, I get 3 months of sweltering hot !!!! That’s what I like !!

But, the only thing that I like about cold weather is ladies wearing tight sweaters…………….





7 comments on “Rule Five: There’s A Nip In The Air……

  1. woodsterman says:

    Question, why do some of your posts take over my blog? Is it something that can be fixed here?

    Your babes sure are looking great this morning!

    • Matthew W says:

      ?? What do you mean? Not sure what you mean.

      • woodsterman says:

        Matthew, take a look at my sidebar where your link appears. This post above went all the way across the page. The knew post isn’t quite as big. It’s really weird.

      • Matthew W says:

        I see what you mean. For some reason, the “featured image” for the post is the same size as the photo is. I would have thought it would thumbnail it. I will see if I can make adjustments on future posts.

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  3. Blues Man says:

    Nice there’s something about pokies.

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