Adding Vittles To The Bunker Stash……..

I found a 20# bag of rice on sale for $8 and thought that would be good to put in the bunker stash.

My brother had a nice simple vacuum sealer and it went super fast and simple.

We did this while we were waiting to watch “2000 Mules” last weekend

I also had 6# of other cheap rice and I put those in the sturdy plastic containers that nuts and other treats come in.  I finally ordered some oxygen absorbers and put those in.  I could have just vacuum sealed this rice as well, but I want to see how using these containers work out as a test.

There’s a reasonable amount of calories in white rice. (250 cal per cooked cup)

All stashed in the bunker:


I am definitely in the market now to get a vacuum sealer.

Would love to start buying as much meat as I can when I find it “cheap”.


F*ck You Facebook !!!!!


Just got a $400 check from Fakebook.

They broke the biometric data collection law we have in our state.

I used to have a Fakebook account to just keep in touch with candidates that I was volunteering for but deleted it on 01/20/2021.

F*ck You Fakebook !!


Ammo money !!!! (most likely supplies for the bunker)

CRAP !!!! More $@^!% Computer Stuff……….

Like I said before, I’m less excited about new technology because of the problems with setting things up and updating software.

I’m finally setting up the new laptop and it’s just going smoooooooooooooooooooooooothly !!

I’ve used “Quicken” for probably 25 years and really like it (and am quite satisfied and comfortable with it)  I had a huge problem when upgrading to the old Win 8 laptop and of course now, there’s another issue.  Turns out Quicken is now a subscription service. (not going to happen !!!)  I’m not sure if you get the first year subscription with the purchase of the new software but from what I think I read, if you let the subscription expire, you can still use the software, but you just won’t be able to use the online features and won’t get updates.  I don’t need or want to have my banking/credit cards/401k etc updated or connected to the application so that would work for me.

I tooled around the intertubes for a bit and I saw that there were a couple of free personal finance programs that you could import Quicken files.  Sadly, one of them is “Microsoft Money Plus Sunset”.  I downloaded it and installed it, imported my Quicken data and it seems to be a fine replacement for Quicken.  Now, I was completely willing to pay for a new Quicken program, but had no intention of going “subscription.”

That was issue # 1

Issue # 2

I have had a “Home Use” version of Office Enterprise 2007 from my workplace, but I have had it so long, I’ve used up all of the allowed installations.

I really only need Excel and Word.

More tooling around the intertubes and I find “Apache OpenOffice”

Anyone out there use that or have any other suggestions?

General software question(s):

How long do you keep old software?

I keep a big folder of most of the software I’ve bought.  Went through it a few months ago and tossed of the most obvious stuff I would never use again or is too old to be used.

I have Quicken 2001, 2005, 2008 and they won’t install on Win 10.  Also have 20 years of Turbo Tax. I’ve had to reinstall a previous year’s Turbo Tax before, so I know I need to keep the past 5 years of that.

I miss playing “Combat Flight Simulator and doubt those would load now either.

Now, the oldest laptop I have in storage may be my XP machine.  I wonder if I should hold on to some of this stuff in case I want to throw it on the XP.

New Laptop !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went ahead and pulled the trigger and ordered the new laptop.

A gentleman at work asked about the new laptop and I told him I hadn’t set it up yet.  I told him as I’ve gotten older, new laptops and phones and the such don’t excite me very much any more as it has turned into a royal pain in the ass to set up new devices. (unless you like factory settings).

^#(@** !  !)@@&     !(#_+#@

That’s the best description so far of the new laptop set up.

#1     When starting up the laptop for the first time, it wouldn’t let me progress without logging in with an MSN account !!!   Well #*&#^@ you MSN !!!

So, I shut it down and went to the old laptop to make an MSN account.  Of course if I’m going to set up an MSN account, it’s all going to be fake information (^%@$!# you MSN/Bill Gates et al).

I went into my ATT account to set up a new sub account with a new email address to set up the MSN account.  Either ATT wouldn’t let me, or all variations of “FUCK JOE BIDEN” weren’t available.

Crap, so I decided to just use my current throw away address to set up the MSN account.  Turns out I already had one that I set up many years ago.

Good news is that when I restarted the new laptop, it went to a “Create A Login For This Laptop” screen !!!!

YEA !!!!!!!!!!!!

Things were looking up !!!!!!!!!!!

Wait for it………………………………….

#2     The first thing I wanted to do was download the Brave web browser.  Very strange that when I clicked on “Download”, a pop up on the MSN default Edge browser popped up and said “You already have a browser, are you REALLY,REALLY,REALLY sure you want to do this????”

So I downloaded Brave and when I tried to install it, another popup came up and said “THIS APP IS NOT VERIFIED BY MSN AND YOU CANNOT INSTALL IT !!!!!!!”

Same thing when I tried to install ExpressVPN.

In “S Mode” on Win 10, you can only get apps through MSN.

^%#$@ YOU to infinity !!!!!!!

Why does that sound like “monopoly”??????

So, I either have to turn off “S Mode” (which it seems you can never turn back on) or figure a way around the MSN cluster fucking.

The only good news is at least I have an operational laptop to keep using until I figure this out.

EXCEPT !!!!!!!!

I did make the decision to “upgrade” from Win 8 to Win 8.1.

Other than reloading a boatload of useless crap on the old laptop, something changed that won’t allow me to connect the HDMI to my 23 inch HD TV monitor !!!






Democrats Are Disgusting And Most Foul…………………………

I have been saying since Nobama’s 2nd imaculation:


Democrats Pretend To Be Nazi Republican Supporters

The campaign Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe has denied that people who posed as tiki-torch carrying Nazis in front of a campaign bus belonging to GOP gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin are affiliated with the McAuliffe campaign.

Fuck you Democrats, every single one of you.

The greatest difference between “us” and “them”, is that we have a moral break.

Democrats Lie, Cheat And Steal (ie Water Is Wet)

Democratic Fundraising Powerhouse ActBlue Amassed Nearly $150 Million From Small Donors With Misleading Sales Pitch

ActBlue accumulated a cash hoard of at least $172.8 million by the end of 2020 while simultaneously claiming it does not profit from the 3.95% processing fee it charges to politicians that fundraise with the platform.

ActBlue’s nonprofit processing arm has reported paying income taxes on its profits every year since 2013, IRS records show.

From 2013 through 2020, ActBlue’s PAC raked in $147.7 million in “tips” from small-dollar Democratic donors, Federal Election Commission records show.

Multiple election law attorneys said ActBlue’s fundraising tactics raise serious legal concerns.


Democrats can’t help themselves.  It’s who they are and what they do.  And other Democrats don’t care.

It’s what they expect from each other.


Politicians and political committees that raise funds on ActBlue are charged a 3.95% fee on every dollar they raise, paid to ActBlue Technical Services (ABTS), the network’s credit card processing arm. ABTS is a 527 nonprofit political group that reports its finances monthly to the IRS.

It’s a scam

Do You Trust Google………..

I mean really, really, really trust them?


Google Screenwise: An Unwise Trade of All Your Privacy for Cash

Imagine this: an enormous tech company is tracking what you do on your phone, even when you’re not using any of its services, down to the specific images that you see. It’s also tracking all of your network traffic, because you’re installing one of its specially-designed routers. And even though some of that traffic is encrypted, it can still know what websites you visit, due to how DNS resolution works. Oh, it’s also recording audio from a custom-microphone that’s placed near your TV, and analyzing what it hears.

It’s an always-on panopticon. In exchange for your privacy (and the privacy of any guests who may be using your Internet connection, or talking near your television), you receive a gift card for a whopping $20.

No, we’re not talking about Facebook—we’ve already detailed the frightening consequences of Facebook’s sneaky, privacy-invading and security-breaking “user research” program. This is Google’s “ScreenWise Meter,” another “research program” that, much like Facebook’s, caused an upheaval this week when it was exposed.

In order to spy on iOS users, Facebook took advantage of Apple’s enterprise application program to get around Apple’s strict app distribution rules. When news of this Facebook program hit earlier this week, Google scrambled to pull the plug on its own “user research” application, which was taking advantage of the same Apple program. Apple quickly revoked both organizations’ Enterprise Certificates, shutting down all of Facebook’s and Google’s internal iOS applications and tooling, leaving the two giants in disarray.

The reason I’m asking is because I received this in the mail:

Basically, you install a Google router and an app on all of your devices and  Google monitors your activity “anonymously.”

Could get $125 right away, that’s some gas/ammo money.

Nah, actually it’s pretty easy to say “NO” to this.

I don’t trust Google and I don’t want to “help” Google in any way either.

The Tech Tyrants:







Et Al

Are shitstains on the underwear of Earth.


Although, it depends on if the router collects all internet use or just the devices that have the app.

I could sign up and use a couple of backup devices …………………




Tragedy Shows Hollywood’s Gun Ignorance…….

A person is dead.  That is horrible for their friends and family.

Alec Baldwin shoots two on movie set in bizarre prop gun mishap, one dead

According to Variety, Alec Baldwin fired the prop gun on the set of Rust in New Mexico Thursday, accidentally killing Halyna Hutchins and wounding Souza.

Deadline previously reported that “…a principal castmember cocked a gun during a rehearsal, unaware that there were live rounds in it, hitting two people, a man and a woman. The man was hit in the shoulder, while the woman was airlifted to the hospital for stomach surgery.”

A Rust Movie Productions LLC production spokesperson told the outlet, “There was an accident today on the New Mexico set of Rust involving the misfire of a prop gun with blanks. Two crew members have been taken to the hospital and are receiving care. Production has been halted for the time being. The safety of our cast and crew remains our top priority.”

No, there were NOT blanks in the gun and it was not a misfire.

It was negligence.

Commies Are Gonna Commie…………

China’s WeChat Admits To Secretly Scanning Users’ Photos

Chinese messaging platform WeChat – which President Trump sought to ban from operating in the United States – has admitted to regularly scanning users’ photos even while the app isn’t in use.

WeChat – which saw the Trump-era efforts to ban it halted by Joe Biden’s Commerce Department – confessed to the disturbing and intrusive practice after an exposé by a tech influencer known as “Hacklous”.

Owned by Chinese Communist Party-affiliated Tencent – which counts high-profile Biden appointees and Democratic officials as investors – WeChat “scans photo galleries for durations of up to 1 minute each while running in the background,” according to Hacklous.

“The same influencer later added that Tencent’s QQ messaging app and Taobao, Alibaba Group Holding’s top online shopping marketplace with roughly 900 million MAUs, have also been found to be routinely scanning user photos,” a report added.

Those people are serious.

American liberals aren’t

bLACK Woman Charged With NYC Hate Crime…………………..

Woman Caught on Camera With Gas Can Charged in Brooklyn Yeshiva Fire


A 39-year-old Brooklyn woman was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment as a hate crime and attempted arson on Sunday. Sharee Jones was captured on surveillance footage last week allegedly pouring gasoline outside the Yeshiva of Flatbush and lighting it on fire. A school security guard quickly put out the fire before it could spread, and no one was injured. But it did leave local residents—several of whom are Holocaust survivors—shaken, according to ABC7 New York

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EBL:                             Treaty of Paris: September 3, 1783










First, anyone in the path of a hurricane whether it is a cat 1 or a cat 5, could be in serious danger and it’s important to take all caution needed.

It was only 4-5 days ago that I had heard a media person suggesting that Dorian would ravage all of Florida as a cat 5, hit the Gulf of Mexico, gather energy and hit New Orleans just as hard.

Well, shucks, looks like it changed course and that ain’t gonna happen.

I hardly pay attention to weather reports weeks or even days out with speculation on whatever the upcoming weather apocalypse is coming.

It’s not just that soooooooooooooooo often they are wrong, they are VERY wrong.

Makes for lots of yackity, yackity, yak for the talking heads.

Huh !?!?! $1,000 Video Monitor STAND????

$1,000 Apple Monitor Stand

Apple just announced a $5,000 computer screen that doesn’t come with a stand. Instead, the stand costs an extra $1,000.

It’s not made of carbon fiber or encrusted with jewels. Though the stand seems to be perfectly nice, it doesn’t appear to stand out in any particular way.

It is exactly what it proposes to be: a computer-monitor stand.


This isn’t just bad marketing, this is really bad optics for Apple.

Hungry Like The Wolf

I grew up in a corn field.  That is not a complaint.  I loved where I grew up and God willing, I’ll die in the same corn field (in a better way than the Spilotro Brothers).

I went to the local Jr. College my first year and for Halloween weekend, I drove a couple of hours to visit an older friend at another college for a Halloween party.  My friend was not a big partier and the party we were at was “hosted” by the service organization at the small college so it wasn’t an Animal House type bash, but it was loads of fun. (about 6 to 1 chick to dude ratio in the service club!!!)

The party probably ended about 1 am and we (some girls too) went back to my friend’s house. He turned the TV on and it was almost taking drugs (so I hear) !!!

MTV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was something we didn’t have in the cornfields.

We all watched MTV until after 4 am and the very first music video I saw was:



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380 EZ Out In The Woods

I’ve worn corrective lenses since I was about 10 years old.  Without them I was pretty close to being blind.  I started wearing contacts when I was 15 and since then was really hesitant to wear glasses.  Probably because of wearing awful tortoise shell frames and then the horrible wired rims of the early 80″s.

I got lasik about 23 years ago and it made my vision GREAT !!  I really wish I could have had that kind of eyesight (without corrective lenses) when  played sports and worked construction.  But, when I started sitting at a desk in front of a computer for eight hours day, my vision started to fade.  It’s not really too bad, I think I can drive without corrective lenses but my eye doctor says differently.

Every year when I go to the eye doctor, she asks if I want good far vision or good near vision and I have always chosen “Far vision.”  But it got to the point where I could literally not read not read newspaper sized print even with cheaters on.  So this year I chose “Near vision.”  The doctor gave me “Mono vision” which is where my weak eye is focused closer and my dominate eye is focused for distance.

THIS WAS GREAT !  I could now look down the sights of my pistol and not have to close my left eye !!  The front sight was in perfect focus.

Well, I have had some problems with my eyes and I haven’t worn my contacts for over a week which is amazing given my vanity !!  Not wearing my contacts ins’t too bad, I mostly just need glasses just to drive.

Well, just for fun, I wanted to see how well I could shoot without my contacts.  This is the first time I’ve been able to get out to “The Woods” this year to do some fun outdoor shootin’!!!!



Not too bad !!

9 rounds at 7 yards and 9 at 10 yards.  The paper is 11 X 17 so it’s not a full sized silhouette.