Reason # 324,000,000 I Am Not Much Of Pro Sports Fan:

Ridiculous MLB Contract

Gerrit Cole is joining the New York Yankees.

He’s also joining an elite club.

The free-agent pitcher, arguably the most dominant starter in baseball, agreed to a massive nine-year $324 million deal Tuesday night to become the Yankees’ newest ace.

The contract skyrockets Cole into a stratosphere of baseball’s biggest deals.

$50 upper deck obstructed view seats

$16 beer

$10 hot dogs.

Lots and lots of reasons that I have little interest in profession sports.


5 comments on “Reason # 324,000,000 I Am Not Much Of Pro Sports Fan:

  1. mcthag says:

    At least with sports you can choose to not support it.

  2. bob sykes says:

    Baseball is better on TV. Football is much better on TV. Hockey must be seen in person in a small rink. Basketball…

    People used to complain about Steinbrenner buying championships. I envied Yankee fans. Back then my pathetic Red Sox were wrecked annually by the doofus Yawkeys. Pumpsie Green, Jeesh.

  3. TomR says:

    I don’t like any sports above the college level. And now they are going to get paid so high school sports will be all I see.

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