Rule Five: Mary Ann

In memory of the passing of Dawn Wells, I’m repeating a previous Rule 5 post:

Just a simple one here today.

If you are a gentleman of my age, there is the age old debate of  “Ginger/Mary Ann, Daphne/Velma, Marcia/Jan, Wilma/Betty”

Oddly enough, I don’t choose any of the redheads in that bunch.






We know Gilligan was gay, he’s eyeballing the coconut cream pie and Skipper is eyeballing the boobies.

Rule 5 Friday: Paradise by the Dashboard Lights

Surprised that I could not find a better quality video than this.

Total 70’s classic song and album.

Ellen Foley

This is one of those “memory” songs that when you hear it, puts you in another time and place in your life.

She’s a pretty good looking lady but I think mostly it’s the tight white outfit that sold this !!!

With the make up and hair, she could almost body double Tim Curry in “Rocky Horror.”

Lover her voice !

She had a fine career but I couldn’t name any of her other work except “Night Court.”