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Reason # 762,635 I Would Never Be A Canadian

Canadian Comedian Ordered to Pay $35,000 over a Joke:

Ward was ordered to pay $35,000 to Jeremy Gabriel, who suffers from a genetic disorder that causes facial deformity and affects his hearing, due to a joke the comedian told at shows between 2010 and 2013.
Two of three judges ruled Mike Ward’s comments regarding Gabriel were not justifiable in a society where freedom of expression is valued.

The joke in question was regarding Gabriel’s disability. In 2005, Gabriel sang to Pope Benedict and Celine Dion to flesh out his dream of becoming an international singer.

Ward’s jokes called Gabriel a bad singer, stating that he was “terminally ill” and that Gabriel not passing away meant that his “Make a Wish” was invalid. Gabriel was not actually terminally ill, as Gabriel’s genetic disease—Treacher Collins syndrome—does not generally have an effect on lifespan. He was also not a Make-a-Wish kid, as Ward was embellishing the story for the sake of the joke.


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Tips For Owning Suppressors!

Tips For Owning Suppressors!

I live in Illinois, so, “No soup for me !!”

I have a Beretta M9 22 LR that is a fantastic gun to shoot and if a suppressor could be put on it, it would turn that gun up to “11.”  A threaded barrel would cost about $300.

I also have a S&W Compact 22 LR that came with a threaded barrel which makes it a PIA to field strip with the thread protector on it but it too would be balls out fun to add a suppressor.

There are zero reasons for suppressors to be as heavily regulated as they are.  There is nothing about a suppressor that makes criminal activity with it any more criminal or dangerous.

Unfortunately most peoples information about suppressors come from movies and is completely inaccurate.