Sunday Afternoon In The Park

I spent Sunday afternoon at the gun range, also known as “my brother’s backyard.”

My brother lives out in the country and one advantage is that your neighbors can have some distance.

In a couple of days when the rest of the beans are harvested, he is going to dump a few logs 200 yards out so we shoot the .223.

I started shooting before my brother set up.

This would be my first 120 rounds:



Good, but not great.

That’s why it’s called practice.

I do believe though had this been an actual shooting situation, I would be alive or cooking whatever I shot for dinner.

And after all the practice, we get to have the real fun.  Old style shoot out:

Next time we are going to cheat and shoot from the 2o’ line




Shortage of Carny Workers in America??

A story in the mostly useless Chicago Tribune about pay theft by the employer of some carnival workers:

The part of the story that I was interested in was this:

Two of the plaintiffs are South Africans who were brought in by All Star Amusement on temporary work visas called H-2Bs, meant for hospitality and other nonagricultural seasonal jobs. Like with other temporary work visas, including the high-skill H-1Bs and agricultural H-2As, employers wishing to bring in H-2B workers are supposed to establish that there are not enough U.S. workers who are able, willing, qualified and available to do the temporary work and that their wages won’t adversely affect the wages and conditions of U.S. workers.


Seriously?? We have to import carnys??

If you don’t think we have a problem with Federal immigration laws……………………..


Oh, and off topic, Gary Busey made a good movie called “Carny.”

Sen. Mark Kirk just lost his reelection bid





“Call for vote on Garland”

“Protecting right to choose”

“Won’t support GOP Presidential candidate”

Kirk has given up any pretense of being a Conservative.  Apparently he forgot who got him elected.  It wasn’t squishy  independents.

I almost fell out of my chair the first time I saw this ad.  I was ready for this to be an SNL parody or primary ad by a challenger.

Sorry to tell you this soon to be former Illinois Senator Kirk,  you have gone far out of your way to insult your  former base and we will not be voting for you again.

It’s a shame that you pay lots of money to consultants that help you make these poor political decisions.  Simple fact, you can’t out liberal a liberal.  Liberals will always vote for the real liberal.

Remaking “Roots”

I recently saw a commercial on television for a remake of the movie “Roots.”  This illustrates one of the greatest faults of Hollywood:  Lack of originality and creativity.  Literally, there must be a hundred thousand great stories that could be made into a movie, but they chose to do a remake.

But, that’s not the issue for today.

There’s at least a generation of people today that did not know there was a fiction book written in the 1970’s that was made into a highly acclaimed television mini-series in 1977.  That fiction book was “Roots” by Alex Haley.

Now the really important part is the fact that most of the people that were alive during the “Roots” phenomena, don’t know today that:

1:            The book was fiction

2:            Alex Haley plagiarized a good portion of the research.

Sadly, many won’t care about that.

I won’t be watching the remake movie so I won’t know how well it will be told that the story is fiction.

But, that won’t matter to the BLM type groups.  They will use this film as agi-prop to promote their class/race warfare agenda.

Black people are not excited about voting for an old white dude or an old white hag, so this movie will help get people agitated

Nope and Hell Nope !!!



Getting tired of the trump drones telling me that if I don’t vote for trump, it’s a vote for hillary and if she gets elected, it’s my fault (yeah, like I have that kind of power!!)

Getting tired of being told I have to choose the lesser of two evils.

Kind of like the choice between a shit sandwich or a shit sandwich with cheese.



Saturday Morning Roller Skating

Wow !! haven’t  had a Saturday morning skate in almost 30 years !

My mother had won some free admissions to a local skating/fun center (Funway) and as they were expiring, we used them on Saturday morning (9:30-11:30 am).

I took my daughter and her little group of friends:

We’ve taken this group of girls here about 6 times in the past couple of years.  They are all doing pretty well on wheels.

Stepping into the way back machine now!

One of the jobs I had during college was working at a roller skating rink.

This was one of the best jobs that I have ever had in my life.  Although, most jobs when you’re 19 years old that don’t involve adult responsibilities are great jobs.

My housemate at the time was already working at the skate rink as the assistant manager and suggested I apply there. (Since the my roommate would be doing the interview, it was a sure thing.)

I was a fair skater when I started there and ended up being pretty darn good at it.  At the time that I worked there, there were probably less than 10 employees.  A couple of DJs, 1 girl that ran the snack bar and about 4-5 skate guards.  We could all do each other’s jobs except for the girl at the snack bar, she couldn’t skate and she wouldn’t go anywhere near the DJ booth!!!

During the school year I think we were open every night and matinees on the weekend as well.  During the summer it was mostly Friday and Saturday nights with a Sunday afternoon skate.  The break even point was 21 paying customers.  There were a few times on Sunday afternoon we would only have about 10-15 customers and several of us would punch out and work off the clock rather than send the people away.

Also, there were many Friday or Saturday nights that after we closed at 11 pm, we let few of our favored clients stay locked in with us and we would play roller hockey to the wee early hours.

Since the margins on soda and popcorn were astronomical, employees got those for free.  About once a week we would breakdown the popcorn machine to clean it out and don’t you know that just before we did that, we accidentally made two batches of popcorn that would have to be “thrown away.”  Thrown away is in quotes because although the popcorn was put in a garbage bag, it would end up in our house in front of out TV and we would eat popcorn all night watching MTV until our lips were bloody from the salt !!!!  A little fact for you kids today…………… MTV used to show music videos, 24 hours a day !

Good times indeed.

One summer my housemate and I both worked at the rink and at the college.  He was on the landscaping team and I worked in the bookstore.  We got paid every two weeks.  For the first 4-6 days, we lived well.  The rest of the days until payday were tight, very tight.  It’s not hyperbolic to saw that we actually had to save up to get a quarter to play the pinball machine at the skate rink.  When you’re 19, living on the edge is fun, but sure don’t want to be doing that when I’m old.


Below is a photo of a Halloween skate we had.

Probably the only existing photo of me from a 4 year period.