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Industrial-Scale Election Fraud – Did It Happen?

Industrial-Scale Election Fraud – Did It Happen?


My team and I know industrial-level fraud and I can tell you with 100% certainty that the 2020 presidential election had massive, organized, discoverable fraud in most of the swing states.

How do I know this in the face of virtually every media company denying significant fraud?

Let’s do a fraud look-see, actually several, together…………………………


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Shoot/Don’t Shoot?

My conceal carry insurance is with USCCA.  I get a very good monthly magazine that has really good information and this month, there was also the below email about a shooting situation to discuss.

At an Enterprise, Alabama, Waffle House, one customer knocked a veteran with PTSD to the floor, the Southeast Sun reported. Management asked the attacker to leave. When the veteran arose, he asked the clerk to call the police.

He then went outside and told his attacker that the police were on the way. The attacker said he had a gun and appeared to reach into his truck. He came at the victim, slamming the veteran’s head against the wall.

The veteran then drew his lawfully carried firearm and shot the attacker in the leg. The state charged the veteran with aggravated assault, but a judge dismissed the case.

As usual, there’s information missing that I would like to know.

But, I will agree that this was a good shoot and I would say it wasn’t really a “stand your ground” case as the attacker had slammed the victim into a wall so the person would be acting in legal self defense (since the attacker stated he had a gun) and the victim would still be in mortal danger.

The mistake was following the attacker outside.

Nothing good ever comes from doing that.


Question For Those That Support & Defend The US Constitution…

There is absolutely no doubt that the Democrats have cheated and very openly and in plain view for all to see, stole a Presidential election.

The fraud was completed though various means:

Dead people being registered to vote
Fraudulent voting applications via fraudulent addresses
Electronic manipulation of electronic voting systems
Literal truckloads of fake votes scanned into the voting systems.
Felons voting
Out of state voters
Illegal aliens

The above are absolutely provable.

There are still people out there today that believe Donald J Trump will still be President 1 year from now.

Here then is the question for those of you that support and defend the US Constitution:

If Trump does anything to prevent Biden from being seated at US President, do you support Trump undermining the US Constitution?

It doesn’t matter if Pelosi and Biden give sworn affidavits with video and paperwork evidence of the Democrat election fraud, the simple fact is that Congress has fulfilled its Constitutional duty and obligation by selecting Biden as the next US President.

Trust me, I take no pleasure in saying that but that’s the fact.

Do you or do you not support the Constitution?

There are battles that we can win going forward.