The Hillderbeast Has a New Look: But Did they Work On Her Cankles?


Empress Pantsuit Von BitchQueen had plastic surgery


BLEH !!!!

That work makes her look worse.

Should have started with her cankles first.



Nest Of Sex Offenders Must Relocate…..

Offenders Must Move

19 men who are registered sex offenders living at Wayside Cross Ministries have been given roughly a month to find a new place to live. The men must leave the group home by Jan. 15 because police have ruled it is too close to nearby McCarty Park.

Per Illinois law, sex offenders are prohibited from residing within 500 feet of a playground. Previously. McCarty Park was not classified as a playground, but police say Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office ruled that the park is, in fact, a playground.

The registered sex offenders received a similar eviction notice in July, but the city appeared to stop pursuing the eviction. The issue was then addressed again by the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office. If the men do not relocate by Jan. 15, they may be subject to prosecution.

I will agree with the court that a public park should be considered a prohibited sex offender area.

I am all for the idea that most people should be given (a chance to earn) a second chance.  However, the unfortunately, the recidivism rate for criminals is very high and the rate for sex offenders is even higher.

Living quarters are in the upper left of the below photo and the park is the lower right.



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Programming Note:

Has not been a lot of blogging activity lately (Not sure if any would notice).

No, not dead

No, didn’t quit blogging

Just busy, really,really busy.

I have a lot of respect for people that can put out quality daily posts whether it’s your job or just a hobby !  When I re-started my blogging a while ago, I set a goal of 100 days in a row of posting.  I made that and then some.  Yeah, some of them were not brilliance but they were posted.

Things that take my time other than the normal stuff:

For the past 9 months, I have been volunteering for a guy running for congress.

I am amazed at how small grassroots really is.  I walked a lot of parades last summer and there would be times when it would be just myself and the candidate (his wife is almost always with him).  I try to go to as many of his functions and meetings as I can and it is not a complaint, but it does take time.

James Marter For Congress:

Also, I have just generally become much for actively involved in political to doings.

Went to a big TRUMP rally on a cold Saturday morning.

I stood on a corner with my sign for two hours.  My sign read :”FACT ! OBAMA SPIED DEMOCRATS APPROVE”

Note: If you are a single guy, holding that sign on a street corner will get you a lot of sex.  Sooooooooooooooo many liberal women said “Fuck You” when they read my sign.

Hundreds of Trump supporters rally in Algonquin