Wednesday Linkage

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357 Magnum:               Teen Tragically Shot – OR – Law Abiding Homeowner Defending Himself

Ssssssssshhhhhh !!!!!

GREAT, GREAT, GREAT video below about suppressors and the stupidity of Congress !!

From the video below and a few of my own thoughts:

There is exactly zero reasons every legal gun owner shouldn’t be able to have a suppressor.  A suppressor does not make a gun more dangerous or lethal.

One of the biggest problems with getting suppressors legal and available for everyone, is grandiose ignorance and Hollywood.  Hollywood shows suppressors making guns whisper quiet.  Nope, doesn’t do that.  Grandiose ignorance, most Congressmen know jack doodily squat about guns and accessories (and yet they make laws!!!!)

Please, please, please watch the below video !!!

Big Shout Out To Beretta

I have had my Beretta M9 22 LR for three years.

It’s virtually identical to the M9, but chambered in 22 LR.

This is a fantastic gun to shoot !!

BUT !!!!

A couple of months ago, this happened:


The thumb safety sheared off.

DAMN !!!

I contacted Beretta and was able to ship it back to them and they fixed it for free and they also replaced the firing pin as well !!


Because I am a compulsive tracker of things, I’ve put at least 10,000 rounds through this gun.  I really don’t know what the life expectancy of the firing pin should be, but I know that I didn’t dry fire it or abuse it.

I shot a lot of 22 LR rifle growing up on the farm, but stopped shooting when I left the farm.  My brother is a big elk/turkey hunter (Mostly bow but some black powder for elk/deer) and he started arming up a few years ago when he was woke up at 3:00 am by a couple of county sheriffs chasing a violent felon and they wanted to search his out buildings.  That made him start thinking that he needed some 9mm home protection.  Plus, living way out in the country, we built a little range in his back yard.


Lots of brass flies there !!!!

I got my conceal carry in 05/2018 and the M9 under certain circumstances could be a carry gun, but not for an EDC.

When I bought the M9, because it was such an incredible gun to shoot, I never had any intention of getting another gun, but I needed one for an EDC.  I went out and bought a S&W Compact 22 LR.  Yes, I carried a 22 LR for a year as my carry gun.  I never felt like I was underpowered.  Not tooting my own horn, but I shoot my 22’s lights out and I would like to think that if the SHTF, my rounds would be on target and quite frankly, that’s the most important part of a self defense shooting.

However , after a year, I did get another gun, this time it was the S&W 380 Shield EZ.

Again, a big shout out to Beretta for taking car of my gun !!





Sunday Linkage

The Other McCain:     Antifa Terrorist Shot Dead After Firebomb Attack on ICE

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Animal Magnetism:   Rule 5: SATURDAY GINGERMAGEDDON

357 Magnum:              17,000 Domains Infected With Credit-card-stealing Code

Nancy Pelosi wants a “Pathway to Citizenship”

Hey sweetums, we all ready have a pathway to citizenship.

It’s called “THE LAW.”

The biggest failure of Republicans on the immigration issue is that they don’t explain to the other side, what immigration is, and what it isn’t.

What it isn’t, is unfettered aliens entering a country.  No nation does that and no nation ever will.

What it is, is a system that  allows non citizens to live in our country based on what the non citizen can do to make the host country better.

The non citizen knocks on our door and tells us that they are illiterate, have no appreciative work skills, will go on welfare and commit crimes against the citizens, well shit !!!! Why would we let them in??

If they tell us that they have skills in an area of our labor market that we have a shortage of, well shit !!!!! We MIGHT let you in.

Please, every elected person in America, please tell me what the advantage is to the taxpaying citizen to importing welfare recipients and criminals?


Rule Five: Car Washing

Joy Harmon

This post is a little disappointing.  Joy Harmon never made it “big” in Hollywood but she had a lot of bit parts in movies and TV and pinup work.  But she will always be best known for her car washing scene in “Cool Hand Luke.”  I looked, and looked and looked all over the internet and I really could not find enough decent  photos for this post, so the best I got is: