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Disorderly conduct

A 14-year-old boy from Park Ridge was ticketed for disorderly conduct on Oct. 30 after he allegedly touched female students on the buttocks at Emerson Middle School, 8101 N. Cumberland Ave., police said.


A resident of the 8300 block of North Ottawa Avenue reported that his doorbell was rung on the night of Oct. 31 and a person exposed himself to the security camera before running off with a group of people.

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Last weekend I was out and about driving around the country knocking on doors for a gentleman running for Congress.

About 90% of the time I left my phone plugged into the GPS in the car, but a few times I did take it with me and put it in my back pocket.  I had an app that allowed me to map out the homes I wanted to go to.

End of the day, I stopped at the store and got some groceries, and when I opened up my wallet/phone……………

ALL OF MY IDS WERE MISSING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My DL.

My FOID card.

My conceal carry license.


It’s not possible for all three IDs to fall out accidentally.

I am not the kind of person to panic, but I know what a nightmare it would be if I had to replace all of my IDs.

Also, for the time it took to replace my FOID and CCL, I wouldn’t be able to handle my own firearms !!


I took a quick trot through the grocery store to see where I might have lost the items, but did not find them.  It began to rain and it wouldn’t be practical to try to retrace my day of door knocking so I went home.

I’m in a void because if I report the items missing and apply to get replacements and someone turns them in, I’m still hosed because of the time it would take.   How much time should I wait????

Well, it was my lucky day.  (for once)

The previous night, I was laying down in bed watching a movie on Hulu, and I knocked my phone off of the nightstand.  I picked the phone up and didn’t think about it again.  But that is where and when the IDs fell out !  I am absolutely amazed that I opened and closed my phone all morning and never saw that the IDs were not there.

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