This SHIT Is Got Real !!!!!!!!!

Well, the social justice asshat that’s our fearless corporate leader sent down the edict:

Vaccines are mandated to be in our building.

I work for a big national business.  We have about 8 divisions and division offices on the East coast, West coast, Midwest, Southern, Rocky Mountain etc.  Our division office is the only one that NEVER shut down during the China Wuhan Virus plague.  Most of the other divisions haven’t even been to their offices in over a year.

That’s right, we are the money making big dog of the company, everyone else is along for the ride.

So anywho, the email came out today:

“With the DELTA VARIANT  blah, blah, blah………”

“You have until August 23 to get the first Not-A-Vaccine experimental medical treatment jab and the second by October 1.”

“Visitors must provide proof of their jab by showing their Not-A-Vaccination card”  Seriously??? This is 1939 Nazi Germany?

Now, we have many, many, many retail units.  This bullshit does not apply to them.

10 minutes after the email came out, I’m shredding evidence and cleaning out my desk.  I’ve got the full expectation of 10 more days and then I’m gone.

10 minutes later my boss calls me into his office and asks if I read the email and if I had the “shot”.

“yes and no.”

There’s 4 of us in our department that have not taken the shot.

My boss is as incredulous as I am that the half witted dumbnuts that run our business made this moronic decision and he tells me we can work it out so that I can work remotely from another one of our facilities that is not (so far) subject to this gross stupidity.

So, I am saved for now.  Working at that other site is going to be major suckage. (yes, I am very glad that I am not looking for work)  I literally will NOT even be able allowed to go back to my office.

I have zero sympathy or empathy for the people that have spent 20 months believing Democrat fear porn and not having the intellectual curiosity to ask questions.


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  1. ruralcounsel says:

    Similar story. My company ordered everyone back to the office 2-3 days each week starting at the end of July. I took that week as leave, then came in the next week, cleaned out my desk, and resigned. They asked me to stay to the end of the month to wrap some work up that only I am qualified to do, and that I didn’t have to come to the office. So I have two more weeks to go.

    Fortunately, I’m 65, have adequate resources, and can just say I’m “retiring,” sign up for Medicare, and wait it out until I can collect full SS. Going Galt.

  2. theebl says:

    I got it, but it was my decision. I would hate this. I hope you get your five years, but the way things are going the country could be in shambles by then.

    • Matthew W says:

      I’m not anti vax. The primary reason I don’t want it is the same reason that I have never had a flu shot. The risk of me having the disease is minimal. Strange that for 20 months, the only talk has been “vaccine”, not a peep a bout therapeutics.

      • ruralcounsel says:

        Because under the terms of the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for the vaccines, they have to lie and say that there are no effective treatments for the disease. Otherwise, no EUA.

        So in order to use these vaccines, they have to hide the fact that there are effective drugs that can be used (like ivermectin/hydroxychloroquine). I hear vitamin D and zinc are also useful prophylactics.

        Anyway, it seems to be a semantical regulatory word game in order to justify use of the vaccines.

      • theebl says:

        This just sucks. I wish you had more options. I hope for the best for you because the left and gov types really want to exert control over this issue.

  3. Shawn says:

    Contact a lawyer. I don’t believe a private company can require this for employment.

    • Matthew W says:

      A lot of people are afraid to speak out against the China Wuhan Virus mafia, but you would think that ambulance chasing lawyers would be lining up for these types of lawsuits. There are going to be appeals to the Indiana U forced jab case (with many other cases being filed by those attorneys) and I suspect once they get a favorable ruling, the dam will burst.

    • ruralcounsel says:

      I suspect they might be able to get away with it. Certain jobs require certain intrusive things; drug tests, security clearances, even vaccinations (of a more normal sort). The government is certainly not going to discourage it, and is likely to be hostile, as they are also violating the UCMJ in order to require vaccination of the troops.

      Your best bet is to get it all in writing, and then if negative effects do appear, sue them. The vaccine manufacturers may have been given legal immunity, but private employers haven’t. Of course, by then it will be too late for you. But it can set good precedent for future shenanigans.

      • Matthew W says:

        Of course there are private and public sector jobs that have requirements. Those are discussed when being hired.
        The onus is on the business (or government) to PROVE that such a change in the condition of employment is needed.
        The survival rate for Delta is near 99.998%.
        If the only thing the “vaccine” does is makes my symptoms less, then that’s MY choice.

      • ruralcounsel says:

        The onus is on whomever that court says it is.

        Not arguing with you Matthew (especially about the risks … I totally agree), just pointing out the reality of the situation. You are always welcome to pay someone like me to argue it for you in front of a judge. An honest lawyer will tell you that your odds of success are slim to none. RIght before they ask for a big retainer when you don’t listen to them.

        More money is wasted on lawyers willing to argue the worldview of their clients (no matter how flawed), instead of giving them a true gutcheck. Hey, they get paid the same per hour either way.

      • ruralcounsel says:

        This is what makes alcoholics out of attorneys.

        Believe what you want. But if you think for one second that a court won’t find that the government has met their burden because “pandemic” and CDC rules and “FDC approved vaccines,” then you need to share what you’ve been smoking.

      • Unferth says:

        My company is making it “voluntary” but if you don’t get the jab you have to test negative twice a week. I haven’t been tested, but those I know who have say it’s painful.

        • Matthew W says:

          The CDC issued a statement a few weeks back saying that on 12/31/2021, they wont be using the Sars Covid 19 PCR rapid response test anymore because it is not accurate. WHY ARE WE STILL USING IT NOW???? Testing in a pandemic is useless (unless your agenda involve high “case” counts> Personally, I wouldn’t submit to the test.

  4. Unferth says:

    In 20/20 hindsight, as a good German, what would you do in November 1938? As a good American, what are you doing today?

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