Complete Democrat Bullshit !!!!

Democrats want to add 87,000 new agents to the IRS.

Yes, this should absolutely frighten Americans.

BUT !!!!

Just some recent history:

Fake impeachment #1

Fake impeachment #2

Framing a General for a crime he didn’t commit

Illegally spying on a sitting President

Illegally spying on SEVERAL Presidential; campaigns

Illegally spying on American citizens

This list could go on for DAYS and DAYS   !

Yes, Democrats will always abuse any power that hey have.




For All Y’all That Carry………….

Recently in Indiana, a young man stopped a possible mass shooting event while carrying his lawful weapon.

However, it seems that the mall they were in was a “No Carry” area.

I’m not going to judge anyone for carrying in a “No Go Zone”, you do you …………

I don’t know what the penalty is in Indiana for violating a “No Carry” area.

In Illinois:

(e) Except as otherwise provided, a licensee in violation of this Act shall be guilty of a Class B misdemeanor. A second or subsequent violation is a Class A misdemeanor. The Department may suspend a license for up to 6 months for a second violation and shall permanently revoke a license for 3 or more violations of Section 65 of this Act.

I once went in and picked up a pizza at a place that had a No Carry sign posted but I did not see it on the way in.

As far as I know, I otherwise have not violated the law while carrying.

There are places I choose not to go specifically because I am not allowed to carry there.

Anyone out there carry regardless of posted signage or other prohibited places?


Democrats Celebrate Major Victory………

Unless you live in a Unabomber shack in the woods (not necessarily a bad thing), you will know that the media and the Democrats (redundancy noted) were as always, behaving in a reprehensible and irresponsible manner.  Telling a sensational story without any facts.

Proven by their actions and their words everyday, we know that Democrats lie about everything and we should doubt almost everything they say.

So we were correct in doubting the story of the 10 year old rape victim.

Democrats are now celebrating and taking a victory lap because a 10 year old was raped by an illegal alien and had an abortion……..


Let that sink in……………

While the rest of us are coming up with different ways of pounding 1/2 inch rebar through the rapists head.

A Fun “Cooking” Quiz To Take……

Are You a Home on the Range Chef?

Sample Question:

2.  You are served a bowl of vanilla/bacon ice cream.  You:

     a.  jump up and shout “Bacon Ice Cream!  It’s a crime against nature!” and look            for plain yogurt.
     b.  mutter nervously, prod it with your spoon and ask “is that BACON?”
     c.  wonder if this would make a better ice cream sandwich with Devils Food or              molasses cookies.


The last question (but for no points):

Have you ever made a foot long hot dog with two regular dogs and a long piece of bacon to wrap it with?

Yeah, kind of………..

“Serves One”……