2022 Thanksgiving Dinner……

Last year, both my wife and me were sick over Thanksgiving with “severe upper respiratory infections” and did not eat Thanksgiving dinner until 3-4 days later.  I had purchased a 6 pound prime rib (usual local sale of $5.99 lb) and it was awesome !!

This year we were NOT sick and got to host the in-laws.  As much as there is far more work to host, I would much rather host than go to the in-laws.

I had $35.00 of loyalty coupons to use at the grocery store and I bought a 9.3 lb prime rib.  I definitely planned on having several days of leftovers.  Because of the coupons, my out of pocket for dinner was maybe $65.00.

There’s the meat beauty !!

I let the meat sit out four three hours to come up to room temperature.

I took its temperature and it was only 49 degrees. Because it was so large, I should have put it out an hour more.

Not very complicated.  Just some grey salt and fresh ground pepper.  I want my meat, meat flavored.

The directions said 12-15 minutes a pound for medium rare.  I based my cook time on 13 minutes a pound.

I took the temperature and I left it in for another 30 minutes.  That’s how it should look on the outside !


The internal temperature was  lower than it should have been and the area closest to the bones were slightly underdone (for others.  I’d eat that SOB tartare) so I cut that off and did not serve it.  I will use that for the leftovers.

Yes, I did let it rest 20 minutes.

I don’t make my world famous mashed potatoes very often anymore.

5 lbs of russets, 2 sticks of butter, black pepper, two cloves garlic and heavy cream as needed.

Mash by hand and finish with the hand blender.  Homemade mashed potatoes MUST have some lumps in them.  Not huge ones, but enough to make you know they were homemade.

The wife make an excellent cranberry nut bread that was great.

Dinner went very well.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I am down to the last of the mashed potatoes and will be eating the rib section of the prime rib today.

Question On Bulk Ammo Storage……..

Question about storing ammo.

I could save a crapload of space if I took all of ammo out of the original pacaging and dumped them loose in the cans.

Good, bad, indifferent?

I probably have a number of compulsions, and one of them is I like to reorganize, restack, repack stuff and if I did dump all of the ammo loose into the cans, ………

Don’t Fall For The Latest Scam……..

So the media, Democrats, GOPe, and the rest of the Democrat propaganda parrots are putting out that Trump is done and he was personally responsible for the 2022 midterms and they are promoting RINO Decepticon Ron DeSantis as their Flavor Of The Month.

Ron DeSantis is America’s best governor and we could use 49 more of him.


BUT !!!! He’s surrounding himself by not good people and getting financial support from people he will beholden to.

I guarantee you, that on the national level, DeSantis will break your heart on the serious issues and reforms.



President Trump Fires Back Against Ron DeSantis, Con Inc and Coordinated Narrative Midterm Effort

Great example:

As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ megadonor and Citadel hedge fund billionaire, Ken Griffin, openly admitted recently the Wall Street goals are (1) stop the populist movement and (2) get the Republican Party back in alignment with the multinational “corporate world.”  These are the same goals of the Republican leadership in Washington DC and the same goals as the corporate media who serve as the public relations firms for Wall Street.

@*&’N Liberals……..


I have to wait until I see what Republican’s turnout was, but for now I am mostly going to presume the Democrat’s stole more elections (it’s what they do).  Democrats are liars and cheaters, they prove that every day.

Are Democrats so braindead, devoid of reality and filled with hate that they deliberately voted for:

Higher taxes

Expensive energy

Expensive food

High inflation

Lower real wages

open borders

more crime

huge debt


Really?  This is what you guys ran on and people voted for it?

Either the eelctions were stolen or they are idiots.

No third choice.


Vacation Porking………

On vacation I did a little grocery shopping.

Big ol’ Lump O’ Pork.

Just over 16 lbs at .99 a pound.  I also had an $8.00 coupon for loyalty shopping and that knocked the cost down.

A couple of nice bone in rib roasts.  I cut the loin out of the left one and packaged that and cut the right one off the bone and put that in the slow cooker.  I roasted both of the rib sections in the oven and they were %$!#’n great !!!

A big chunk of loin into the slowcooker

6 good chops

The pork wasn’t done until 8pm and I did not want to handle hot pork so it went into the fridge over night.


The food saver got a real good workout with all of the pork, beef and chicken I bought.

Chicken wings were on sale B1G1 making the price $2.00 a pound which is good for wings.  I broke these down and used the food saver to repackage then into four packs.  I’m the only one that eats wings at my house, so 4 at a time will be right.

A few other things at the grocery store:

Eggs          $4.99 for an 18 count package

Soup          Buy 5@ $1.49.  I stocked up last year at .99 a can but think this will be the best price this winter

Butter         $3.49 lb (bought 4 lbs) not a great price, but best price lately.

Split Peas    16 oz $1.99.  Two years ago paid .79 a unit.

Oyster Crackers     $4.99 for the Generic brand.  Last year $1.79 (did not buy)

Since we got the food delivery service, I don’t buy groceries very often.  This trip was a SHOCK seeing the prices on many, many items.


Vacation Range Day

On vacation again and I had to deliver a load of ammo to my brother that I ordered and I needed to pick up the little rototiller to do my back 40.

Absolutely fantastic weather for this time of the year and I brought a few rounds for the 380 and got in a quick shoot.

All shot at seven yards.

18 rounds each on the top two (4 inch circles).  I’m never going to claim to be any kind of sharpshooter but I was very happy  with these results.

9 rounds each on the bottom two doing a “left/right” drill.  Happy with those results as well.  My goal is to be able to hit a man sized target.

Home from shooting and I need to rototill the back 40 to get ready for next spring.

The wood frame is new.  I saw that on the burn pile at my brother’s house and it was something my dad was throwing away so I grabbed it.  It will be used to elevate a tomato plant next spring

All done on the first day.

Day 2 I did the last mow for the season and I shredded the leaves that I bagged and rototilled those into the dirt.

We are at least 30 days away from having all the leaves drop and I will have quite a bit more of the shredded leaves to either work into the soil and flower beds or just to compost.

I am far, far, far ahead of most years for having my lard cleaned up and closed out for the winter but there is always more to do !!!!