Tree Trimming……

Time to give the little oak tree in the back yard a trimming.


Of all of the many industrial accidents that I have had, I never fell off of a ladder.

The two most important safety points for ladder safety:

1:  Solid footing

2:  Move the ladder instead of reaching

There are of course a lot more safety points for ladder use but those are the big ones.

My dad brought this to me in the fall of 2013.  I think it’s a white oak.  The  little guy still had the acorn attached to it.

Ove the winter, I put a metal coffee can around it to protect it.  I was shocked when in early spring, I saw the tree frozen solid in ice that filled the coffee can.  I thought for sure that it was dead !!!

Chick-fil-a Vs. Cane’s………….

Flash back several years ago………..

I had heard the stories for years about how great Chick-fil-a was and had never been there.  The wife and daughter had eaten there a couple of times and said their nuggets were great.

So, the family made a trip to the local Chick-fil-a for dinner.  I was not impressed, it was good, but certainly not better than Popeye’s or Bojangle’s.  I was of course willing to give it another try at sometime.

Now, our president at work loves Cane’s.  Whenever he summons the Dark Imperial Overlords for any gathering, he has Cane’s ordered for their lunch.  And of course, the 50 year admin always orders lots of extras and we get to grab some.  I like Cane’s.

I told my wife about Cane’s and the family went for dinner.  I liked it a lot but the family was not as impressed as my boss is with Cane’s !!!

Surprisingly, a short time ago my wife said she’d like to try Cane’s again, and of course there’s no downside for me to go out to eat.

So on two separate Friday’s we went to a Cane’s and a Chick-fil-a.

Canes  Chicken:


Chick-Fil-a Spicey Chicken:


They were both good, I still like Cane’s better of the two.  But I would still rather have Popeye’s or Bojangles.


Worst Compost Pile Ever ……..

That time of the year again when I clean out my compost pile.

During the summer, lawn mowing clippings and the such go into the blue garbage can to start the composting.  When it gets to a certain point, I dump it on the ground.  In the fall, shredded leaves get mixed in for the long winter’s rest.

Lawn clippings also get used as cover in the garden and mixed into the soil.

The white bucket gets the kitchen waste with green lawn clippings mixed in.

WOW !!! Not much there this year.  I usually mow and shred all of my leaves but last year I needed to get the yard work done early and didn’t want to get behind with bad weather so most of the leaves got bagged and put out at the curb.


This is how much I got this year.  I did an extra screening and got all very good, fine material.  This will get dumped in the wheelbarrow and get mixed with some store bought potting material for the wife to pot plants.

All cleaned up.

Pulled these huge grubs out of the pile.

The neighbor had just got back from fishing when I saw them and didn’t need any bait.  Grubs were magical bait when I was a kid !!


This is normally what the pile looks like at the end of the fall with all of the leaves added in.

I will say, that for being the “worst” compost pile I’ve had, this was the best managed one and the easiest to work with in the spring.

Caveat Emptor Dummy…….

Safeway Hit With Lawsuit Over BOGO Promotions

According to the suit, Siflinger claims that Safeway has been engaging in “deceptive marketing” for its buy one, get one free (BOGO) promotions.

The crux of Siflinger’s case is that Safeway’s BOGO promotions are not actually helping shoppers secure discounts. According to the suit, the retailer routinely markets different products like meat, ice cream, frozen food, and coffee as part of these deals—rotating BOGO sales frequently. But Siflinger alleges that Safeway actually raises the regular retail price of its grocery products when it offers them under this promotion.

“The ‘free’ product is prominently promoted on special point‐of‐sale ads and on the packaging of the products themselves,” the lawsuit states. “But Albertson’s and Safeway make consumers pay for the seemingly ‘free’ product.”

Man, consumers are stupid.

Are you not able to see (and calculate for yourself) the actual price you are going to pay?????

When you make that purchase, are you not agreeing with the business on the the price????

I learned an incredible amount of basic consumer economic information in my high school Economics class.  I remember verbatim the teacher telling us that there is no such thing as “buy one, get one free”, it’s actually “buy two at half price”.

Twitter Is Dead Already……..

I had a Twitter account WAAAAAYYYYY back when and only because I got some sort of credit for doing so.

I never used it.  Didn’t care at all about it.

I deleted the account after 01/20/2021 along with all the other tech tyrant sites.

BUT !!!

I rejoined when Musk bought it because I wanted to support him with his free speech efforts.

Twitter changed a lot with Musk, it’s certainly not perfect but at least I can say things like “stolen election, ivermectin, vaccine sucks etc.” and quite frankly, I am there mostly for snark which is all I really have.

There is actually quite a bit of good information there too.

BUT !!!!!!!!

Musk just hired a professional SJW to be the CEO?????