Freedom Phone Update…………………

Apparently the “professional” tech writers that have their lips surgically attached to the buttocks of Apple and Google reviewed the “Freedom Phone” and the reviews were not great.


John Solomon did another interview with the maker of the Freedom Phone:


OLYMPICS !!!!!!!!

Any excitement that may have been implied through the title of this post was sarcasm.

Apparently the 2020 Olympics are either going on or soon to be going on.

Without any reservation or hesitation I can completely and unequivocally say:






I think for people of my generation, the Olympics were about East vs West, Good vs Evil etc.

Without the Soviet Union, it’s completely meaningless to me.  Having professionals play in the events doubled down on that.

Some of the other reasons for my complete lack of caring:

3 on 3 basketball

Sport Climbing


PING PONG (seriously)



Freedom Phone………

Freedom Phones:

Your Secure Smartphone.
Say hello to privacy.

A Simple, Intuitive and Easy to Use DeGoogled Smartphone

Without the spying eye and tracking of Big Tech.


I heard this guy interviewed on John Solomon’s podcast and he sounds like a great guy !!

He’s got a pretty good backstory.


I’m not in the market for a new phone right now (recently signed up for Express VPN) but I will certainly keep this product in mind for the future.




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Do You Have An “Arsenal?”

Mayor says housekeeper “likely prevented a tragedy” by reporting two-gun “arsenal” in Streeterville hotel room

Chicago’s mayor and police superintendent used dramatic language Tuesday after a Streeterville hotel housekeeper allegedly found a rifle sitting on a hotel room window sill over the weekend.

But neither Lori Lightfoot nor David Brown explained why they believed the city had “adverted disaster” and “nefarious” plans.

Keegan Casteel, a 32-year-old visitor from suburban Des Moines, Iowa, was charged Tuesday with two counts of unlawful use of a weapon. He must pay a $1,000 deposit to get out of jail.

Lightfoot claimed Casteel came to Chicago “with an arsenal, an AR-15…Thank God for that hotel worker who saw something and said something, and I believe averted disaster.”

Groot’s an idiot, she saw a black, scary gun and the only thing it could be is an “AR-15.”

In fact, the rifle police recovered was a .308 caliber, not an AR-15, according to Burkhardt.

Whoops !!!

“This wasn’t a firearm for personal protection. What he had was weapons of war,” Lightfoot continued, saying the seized items represented “something more nefarious.” She offered no evidence that Casteel harbored any evil intentions to support her belief.

Brown, appearing at an earlier press conference, said the housekeeper who allegedly discovered the rifle “likely prevented a tragedy from happening.” But he offered nothing to support the claim.

Like I said before, Groot’s an idiot and wouldn’t know a “weapon of war” if it slapped her upside her head.


How many of you have an “Arsenal” like this??