You Are Not Funny Or Clever, You Are A Douchebag…………………………………

‘I almost understand the power trip’: Gas station employee says he always cards cops (


It involves “Tik Tok” so you already know it involves a moron.

A gas station employee on TikTok shares that he always gets a kick out of carding police officers whenever they come in for cigarettes or chewing tobacco

“I want to tell you guys about something that makes me happier than I can describe,” Bilinsky begins in the video. He then says that whenever police officers come in for cigarettes or chewing tobacco, Bilinksy makes sure to card them. “And I always do it in a stern voice,”

I’m going to need to see some ID,” Bilinsky mimics in a deep voice, his expression serious. 

“Oh, it makes me feel so good for like two seconds. I almost understand the power trip they get every single time they do that to somebody,” Bilinsky says. According to the TikToker, the funniest part is that each time the officers are asked for their ID, they are reluctant to oblige. 

“They’re like, ‘seriously, I have to show my ID?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah,’ and I smile really big,” Bilinsky continues in the video. “And then I shoo them on their way, goodbye, back into the night. Go waste our tax money some more.” 

Remember that when you are getting robbed and pistol whipped and the cops hear what the address is…………………………………



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Adding Vittles To The Bunker Stash……..

I found a 20# bag of rice on sale for $8 and thought that would be good to put in the bunker stash.

My brother had a nice simple vacuum sealer and it went super fast and simple.

We did this while we were waiting to watch “2000 Mules” last weekend

I also had 6# of other cheap rice and I put those in the sturdy plastic containers that nuts and other treats come in.  I finally ordered some oxygen absorbers and put those in.  I could have just vacuum sealed this rice as well, but I want to see how using these containers work out as a test.

There’s a reasonable amount of calories in white rice. (250 cal per cooked cup)

All stashed in the bunker:


I am definitely in the market now to get a vacuum sealer.

Would love to start buying as much meat as I can when I find it “cheap”.


F*ck You Facebook !!!!!


Just got a $400 check from Fakebook.

They broke the biometric data collection law we have in our state.

I used to have a Fakebook account to just keep in touch with candidates that I was volunteering for but deleted it on 01/20/2021.

F*ck You Fakebook !!


Ammo money !!!! (most likely supplies for the bunker)

“Disney Employee”* Of The Week…………………




The Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit is searching for more potential victims after a 64-year-old Cottondale man was arrested on charges of plying teenage girls with alcohol and gifts, followed by sexual abuse.

According to investigators, Raymond Eugene DeWoody is accused of grooming nearly a dozen 16-year-old girls by offering them alcohol, trips to sporting events, gifts and being the host of “house parties.”

He’s formally been charged with two counts of first-degree sodomy, first-degree sexual abuse and sexual abuse of a child younger than 12. He was taken to the Tuscaloosa County Jail with a $50,000 bond

*  Hence forth, Creeps, Perverts, Sexual Deviants, Pedophiles etc, will be referred to as “Disney Workers”

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“May The Fourth Be With You”……………………….

Apparently 05/04 is some sort of nerd day for Star Wars freaks.

So, I’m lollygagging at work with some fellow insurrectionists and one of our lead HR Social Justice Asshole comes by with a huge “shit eating” grin on her face and says “May the Forth be with you” and let’s out a little giggle.

Before the sound of her monkey assed farting giggle even gets past me, I replied: “As someone that grew up with a speech impediment that resulted in years of bullying and abuse, I don’t think it’s funny that you said that.”

The result was priceless.

She hemmed and hawed, stuttered out an apology and slunk shamefully away.

When she was gone, we all had a good chuckle.

It is true that I had a speech impediment as a kid.

I always thought it would be funny to be the first English speaker to a new population and teach them all to talk like Elmer Fudd.



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“Who Is Risa Hoshino?”

Who Is Risa Hoshino?

Toggling seamlessly between bikini and lab coat, Dr. Risa Hoshino’s Instagram persona embodied the millennial feminist: a pediatrician treating covid patients on the front lines who could still show off her body and build her profile as a lifestyle influencer. A vaccine advocate who collaborates with nationally renowned physicians, yet also finds time to talk about her favorite lipstick stain. A physician who manages to create science-education content for free in her downtime, then complains about being so underpaid and overworked that she asks her followers to contribute $5 each to her personal “coffee fund” (hundreds of her followers obliged).

After Dr. Hoshino unsurprisingly grew her Instagram to 113,000 followers in a year-and-a-half, Medical Marketing + Media dubbed her one of “The top 12 physician influencers” on that platform. Beckers HR called her a “top 10 physician influencer” and The Scientist lauded her as “a veteran of using social media to debunk scientific falsehoods.”

The only problem? She crafted her entire “covid health hero” persona on half-truths and exaggerations.

I really, really really suggest you take 5 minutes and read the whole piece.

Who is she???

Is she just some uber Pro-Karen  Wuhan supporter???

Is she just a super narcissist??

Is she a paid Wuhan shill??????

Suspicious cat is suspicious:

“Disney Employee”* Of The Week…………………

Parents divided after former Owasso teacher resigns following viral TikTok videos (


A TikTok posted by a now former Owasso 8th grade teacher is getting national attention for his pro-LGBTQ stance.

The now-viral TikTok has been viewed more than 200,000 times. It’s one that captured the attention of U.S. Senate candidate Jackson Lahmeyer, who called Tyler Wrynn a “predator,” in a social media post. That comment is not setting well with parents who support the former teacher.

Parents who didn’t want to go on camera say Wrynn taught language arts and was considered as a “safe haven” for LGBTQ students. Other parents are vocal about disliking Wrynn and called some of his TikTok videos inappropriate.



*  Hence forth, Creeps, Perverts, Sexual Deviants, Pedophiles etc, will be referred to as “Disney Workers”