Rule Five: Mary Ann

In memory of the passing of Dawn Wells, I’m repeating a previous Rule 5 post:

Just a simple one here today.

If you are a gentleman of my age, there is the age old debate of  “Ginger/Mary Ann, Daphne/Velma, Marcia/Jan, Wilma/Betty”

Oddly enough, I don’t choose any of the redheads in that bunch.






We know Gilligan was gay, he’s eyeballing the coconut cream pie and Skipper is eyeballing the boobies.

4 comments on “Rule Five: Mary Ann

  1. Joe Jackson says:

    Gilligan was gay? WTF dude – how did I miss that…

  2. Brewvet says:

    Gilligan was an incel. Ginger was giving it up to the Professor so he could supply her with the makeup she desperately needed and Mary Ann was awfully friendly with ‘ol Jonas Grumby (the Skipper), Skipper would never let Gilligan near her. He’d just beat Gilligan with his hat whenever poor little Zach went sniffin’… 8^)

  3. No One says:

    Gilligan was not gay he was inept around women and with himself. Why does it have to be gay all the time? Gee whiz people think out side the democrat box of labels.

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