The Dumbest Man On The Planet…………..

OK, first of all, I have been calling Joe Biden “The dumbest man on the planet” since Obama selected him as his VP.  That will always stand.

But, going to give this to someone else for just a moment.

Alec Baldwin.

The SNL  “star” has launched a bizarre campaign to defend his wife from claims that she’s been posing as a Spanish person—claims that both the Baldwins have repeatedly made.


Following the bizarre revelation that Alec Baldwin’s yogini-influencer wife, Hilaria, has been cosplaying as a Spanish person for years, the 30 Rock star has come to her defense in true pugilist fashion.

The opening salvo was a deeply odd eight-minute Instagram video posted after it emerged that “Hilaria” was born in Massachusetts, her parents are upper-class Americans with roots predating colonial times, she attended a tony private school in Weston that costs $63,000 a year (where she did not have an accent), and her birth name is Hillary.


Yes, Baldwin’s wife has apparently been pretending to be a person of Spanish descent up to and including speaking with a very heavy Spanish accent.

Is Alec Baldwin really that stupid?

Does his wife continue that while in the privacy of their own home?

Has he never heard her forget her character?