Upcoming Trump Indictment…….

Just saying………

Fuck Democrats.

They are not like us and we have nothing in common.

Unlike them, I would be as equally outraged about Bill Clinton being investigated/indicted/charged for the same bullshit.

Fuck you Democrats

4 comments on “Upcoming Trump Indictment…….

  1. Don't mind me says:

    This is all kabuki theatre. Don’t participate. Trump’s part of the act. Ask yourself why he’s never apologised for his warp speed vaxx or why he never helped the Jan 6th prisoners.

    • Matthew W says:

      What can he do about the prisoners?

      • Don't mind me. says:

        He could have pardoned them before he left office, he could have used his political clout to get other Republicans to protest, he could have helped with legal fees, he could have contacted the families of those imprisoned when they pleaded with him to do something.
        Nope…crickets…..and instead he’s now egging people on to protest again.

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