Catsup On A Hotdog??


While toodling around the intertubes, I came across this post and comment chain:


The Filthie Gourmet


And later, this:

Pacific Rim’s Eatin’ Ya Lunch, Uncle Sam…

The age old issue of “Catsup on a hotdog.”

Some say “Oh yeah”


“Hell NO !!”

Come to Chicago and ask for catsup on your dog, you may well get a beating.

The Real Reason Chicagoans Don’t Put Ketchup On Their Hot Dogs



5 comments on “Catsup On A Hotdog??

  1. Gatordoug says:

    Food snobs. I could not care less what anyone puts on their hot dog, or how they cook their steak, or if they like pineapple on their damn pizza. Stay in your lane people eat YOUR food and STFU about everyone else’s.

  2. Bob Bobby says:

    I’ll put ketchup on my hotdog & mayonnaise on my fries & if you have a problem with that tuff.
    And I don’t really care what anyone in shitcago has to say about anything.

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