DANG !!! I Went Shopping……………….

And spent too much money !!

I stopped at a small family gun shop and got this:

I hadn’t been there since the just after the George Floyd Drug Overdose Celebrations began.  The last time I was there, EVERY gun they had was sold, even the weird stuff.

They had plenty of stock this time.  I paid $40.00 for the lockbox.  Probably could have gotten it cheaper at a big box place but wanted to give them the business.

They had a lot of 9 mm ammo but no 380 or 22 for me.


Then I stopped at Shoot Point Blank.

I had an email saying they had ammo in stock.

No 380, but did have buckets.  Paid 10 cents a round which is twice what I paid the last time two years ago but it’s the same price I paid 5 years ago so it’s not that bad of a deal.  Now I can do some more plinking (still have 8K stored in the bunker)


Yes, I have counted every bucket I have purchased.  Never been shorted, always an extra 2 or 3.



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    Good stuff…

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