I’ve been working overnights since the CHINA WUHAN VIRUS pandimainia began.  I’m not complaining, because I’m still working and 10,000,000 other people have it far worse than I do.  I’m mostly just frustrated with what I’m doing is a colossal waste of time and resources.   I drive around to about 25 remote locations and check that they are not on fire or being looted.  I’m doing about 125 miles a night.  The good news is that the roads are virtually empty.

I try to pack grub for the night’s driving but have had to stop at the gas station(s) and there are a few 24 hour drive thru’s open.  One of them is White Castle.

To say that I am not a fan of White Castle is a gross understatement.  The hamburger sliders they sell are most foul !!!  I do kind of like their chicken sandwich and when fresh, the fries are pretty good.

I stopped one morning about 02:30 and there were six cars in line and it was moving slow !  It took quite a while for the person in front of me to place his order.  He pulled up to the first window and I placed my order.  I pulled up behind the car waiting in front of me and sat for two minutes.  I then see the White Castle lady leaning out the far window, waving.  I flashed my lights and honked a couple of times but the guy in front didn’t move.  The White Castle lady waved for me to pull around and when I did, I could see the driver was either asleep or passed out !!  All I ordered was sack of fries so off I went.  My receipt had a buy one, get one coupon on it so I saved it and stopped in at the same place a couple of days later and got a breakfast slider and breakfast toast slider.


Not much to it. fried egg,cheese and I chose sausage for the meat on a soft bread roll.

Not too bad, the sausage was pretty good.



Not much to it, fried egg, cheese and I chose bacon for the meat on toasted white bread.

Not too bad, the bacon was cooked correctly.


The good news is that there was not any negative gastrointestinal issues after consuming.  The better news is that the receipt had another buy one,get one coupon and I might have to stop in again and try the BELGIAN WAFFLE SLIDER.