Mr. Blutarsky – 0.0



Now, you may have to wonder how future Senator Blutarsky could be in college for seven years with a 0.0 GPA.

Obviously he had federal funding:

Chicago State to repay $312,000 in federal financial aid

Nearly 129 students who failed to meet standards were given grants, loan

Chicago State University has to repay nearly $312,000 in federal financial aid given to students who were allowed to stay enrolled even though they were failing.

The South Side public university had a policy that students with a GPA below 1.8 were to be dismissed “for poor scholarship,” but the Tribune reported in 2011 that students with grades as low as 0.0 were allowed to register for classes, in part to boost enrollment.

Chicago State has been fined $311,963 by the U.S. Department of Education for federal grants and loans given to 129 students from 2008 to 2011 who did not meet the university’s academic standards, according to an Education Department report obtained by the Tribune.

Those students “should have been withdrawn from the institution,” and the university therefore is liable for not enforcing its academic policies and paving the road for students to receive the aid, the Education Department found.

Between 2008 and 2011, 129 students were below Chicago State academic standards (and the government allows  the discretion of the school to determine the standards).  Those students received $613,616 in aid.  OK, let’s do the simple math………  That’s less than $5,000 per student, but it sure adds up for Chicago State.

According to Democrats, there is nothing to cut from the budget.

Systemic and Systematic Public Union Fraud

Systemic and Systematic Public Union Fraud

Padding mileage expenses was so entrenched and condoned in Chicago’s Fire Prevention Bureau, it was “almost a work rule,” an arbitrator ruled Thursday, overturning the city’s firing of four firefighters and reducing lengthy suspensions for 44 others.

Independent arbitrator Edwin H. Benn said there is “no real dispute” that all of the accused Chicago firefighters “knowingly submitted inaccurate mileage reimbursement reports and obtained compensation for mileage — ranging in some cases into the thousands of dollars — that they did not actually incur.”

But, Benn noted that the alleged mileage padding was a “decades-long practice” that was taught, “condoned and encouraged by supervisors.” In fact, Benn noted that many of the inspectors were “assured by their supervisors that the accuracy of their mileage totals would not be challenged.”

As a result, the arbitrator wrote, “It is fair to conclude that the condonation and supervisory encouragement of employees to submit the maximum amount allowable for mileage reimbursement instead of submitting actual mileage expenses incurred was so deep, long-standing and pervasive that it went beyond condonation to rise to the level of becoming almost a work rule” in the Fire Prevention Bureau.

Although the charges are serious and might otherwise warrant firings and even longer suspensions, Benn wrote, “The amount of discipline imposed under these circumstances cannot be of a degree that should be imposed if condonation and encouragement at this level did not exist.”

In a 30-page ruling issued Thursday, Benn: reinstated four fired firefighters and ordered them to serve 40-day suspensions instead; reduced four 60-day suspensions to 40 days; cut 23 forty-five-day suspensions to 25 days; reduced 17 thirty-day suspensions to 20 days and allowed two supervisors who resigned to rescind their resignations. The captain was ordered to serve a 40-day suspension. The lieutenant was handed 25 unpaid days off.

This is appalling and despicable.

Even without the current conditions of the Obama “Thimamajig” economy, having this level of fraud be accepted and encouraged by “supervisors” is horrendous.

Since it has been proven that the inspectors lied about their actual mileage,that makes the overpayment “regular income” and I would hope that both state and federal taxing authorities will investigate.


The original story:

More than 80 firefighters assigned to the Chicago Fire Department’s scandal-scarred Fire Prevention Bureau are under internal investigation for allegedly falsifying mileage used to reimburse them for use of their personal vehicles to conduct inspections.

The alarming allegations affecting nearly 80 percent of the bureau’s 108 employees follow an exhaustive audit by Inspector General Joe Ferguson that identified alleged abuses that might have cost Chicago taxpayers “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in 2009 alone.

Sources said more than a dozen firefighters have been interviewed and most have acknowledged falsifying mileage. They were confronted with evidence from GPS-equipped cell phones that have tracked their movements since a 2007 scandal.

In 2009, the firefighters were reimbursed at the IRS rate of 55 cents a mile with an unspecified monthly cap. The worst offenders allegedly worked backward from the cap and falsified their mileage to justify claiming the maximum, sources said.

‘People felt that it was a good bet’

Excuse me Mr. President, but federal tax dollars are not to be wagered.

Hindsight is always 20/20,” Mr. Obama told “Good Morning America” anchor George Stephanopoulos in an online interview. “It went through the regular review process and people felt that it was a good bet.”

That is a lie !!!!

It did NOT go through the regular review process !!

“President Barack Obama said Monday he does not regret a $528 million loan to a solar energy company that later collapsed, saying officials always knew a clean energy loan program would not back winners 100 percent of the time.”


“Obama disputed that, saying China is pouring “hundreds of billions of dollars into this space.” If the United States wants to compete with China, Germany and other countries that are heavily subsidizing clean energy, “we’ve got to make sure that our guys here in the United States of America at least have a shot,” Obama said.”

It is NOT a viable business model!!!!!!!!!!

Let China and other countries WASTE HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on products that cannot survive in the market on their own!!!!!

This is what happens when you elect a person that has never written a payroll check.

This is what happens when you elect a person that has never owned/operated/started a business.

This is what happens when you elect a person that never had executive experience.

This is what happens when you elect a Keynesian Marxist.

I wish more Americans would share my sentiment that tax dollars should be the hardest dollars to spend.

Judge questions honesty of Interior Department scientists

“The case concerns how the government should manage California water supplies and at the same time seek to preserve the delta smelt, an allegedly endangered species of minnow-like fish.”

By diverting more fresh water for the delta smelt, federal officials reduce the amount available for people on farms and in cities. California’s Central Valley was long among the nation’s richest agricultural areas, producing fruits and vegetables shipped to grocery shelves across the country. Increased water diversion under President Obama and Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar, however, has wreaked Depression-like economic havoc on the region, costing thousands of jobs, increasing food prices nationwide, and destroying a way of life for many California farm families. Unemployment in some areas of the valley has reached 40 percent.

Wanger was angered by testimony from the two scientists, Frederick V. Feyrer and Jennifer M. Norris, that he said was “false,” “contradictory” and “misleading.” He accused the Interior Department of “bad faith” in providing the two scientists as experts, and claimed their testimony was “an attempt to mislead and to deceive the court into accepting not only what is not the best science, it’s not science.” An Interior Department spokesman defended Norris and Feyrer, telling the New York Times that “we stand behind the consistent and thorough findings by our scientists on these matters and their dedicated use of the best available science.”

Wanger and the Interior Department scientists cannot both be right. The judge’s assessment of their testimony and his conclusion about the agency’s conduct in the case raise profoundly serious questions about the integrity and honesty of all the federal officials involved in the delta smelt case. And if the judge is correct in that case, taxpayers should be wondering whether other government scientists have given impeachable testimony on behalf of questionable federal environmental policies.”

It’s about time some of the environmental “science” be examined further !!!!