Wednesday Linkage

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Victory Girls:               Teenagers are Not Experts on Policy. Just Stop.

Bustednuckles:            I May Be Old

Hogewash:                   Interesting Times in Hong Kong


357 Magnum:              89 Percent of Mass-shootings Happen in Gun-free Zones

Gun Tip Of The Day

(remember, free advice is worth what you paid for it)

If you carry and if there is the time that you need to pull your weapon out, please be ready to drop everything else in your hands.

I have seen too many videos on youtube where a person pulls out their weapon for defensive use and they keep holding onto their coffee, wallet, purse, cellphone etc.


So endth the lesson

Snopes Debunks Snopes As A Hoax Verified to be a Hoax – According to

So imagine my shock when I found out this week that Snopes decided to research claims that Snopes itself was a hoax. Snopes, true to its commitment, conducted an in-depth investigation. Stunningly, Snopes concluded that in fact there was no credible evidence to support the existence of Snopes, and reported its findings at its web site,

But interestingly, Snopes then conducted a further investigation and discovered something even more perplexing: Its subsequent study concluded that the alarmist claims by Snopes that it does not exist were in fact just a nefarious hoax, and that Snopes was in fact real after all. It pointed to reams of statistical reports showing thousands of daily web site visits, to debunk claims that it did not exist. But it didn’t end there. Shortly after that study, yet another Snopes investigation was launched, aiming this time to determine whether or not the previous Snopes report – which had reported that the Snopes report claiming was a hoax, was itself a hoax – was in fact a hoax or not. 

As of this writing, the answer is still uncertain. It appears that Snopes has been caught in some carnival “funhouse of mirrors” endless loop of claims and counter claims about its own existence. As a result of this chain reaction of Snopes investigations into its own existence, the entire bank of Snopes web servers finally overloaded and crashed – that is, if we are to believe that those web servers ever existed in the first place.

For me, Snopes was my go to site to debunk stories that coworkers told. (I would already know, but had to prove it to them).

Then BLAMMO !!!! Obama got elected and all the sudden Snopes pretty much became liberal propaganda.

Suggested Reading:

Jan Harold Brunvand

He has written many great books on urban legends.

Sunday Linkage

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357 Magnum:               If You Break Into Homes…

New Gun Gadget

I got a new gadget for the guns.

A rail mount so I can attach my GoPro to my S&Ws.  The Beretta does not have a rail.


Here it is attached to my Compact  22.

Let’s give it a go !


I shot three magazines and this was the best of the three.  I think that it will give a good body cam/POV when I use it out in the woods.

But,every shot I took, the camera dropped down.  I thought that I had it as tight as I could.

I won’t give this a fail at this point, but will definitely have to try it out some more (OH BOY, A REASON TO SHOOT MORE!!)

Sunday Linkage

The Other McCain:   Black Teenagers Beat White Tourist in D.C.

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EBL:                            How do you know the Supreme Court did something good?

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Victory Girls:            CNN: Blatant Bias Against Guns Shows Lack of Integrity

Bustednuckles:        Perfection

Hogewash:               The Twitter Gulag


357 Magnum:         Felony Murder


Diana Taurasi: WNBA players have to ‘go to a communist country to get paid like capitalists’

The lightning rod issue in the WNBA — not unlike other women’s teams — is pay and it will be a key factor in negotiations for the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

The rookie minimum is $41,965 in base salary, a number Taurasi said is less than what a janitor at the arena would make. It’s unfair, she said, given that players such as the Mercury’s Brittney Griner are asked to “carry the league” when they come in.

As with many WNBA stars, Taurasi plays overseas in the league’s offseason to offset her $117,500 base max salary and makes around $1.5 million from her Russian team.

You know what, it’s really not that hard to figure out why you don’t make much money playing in the WNBA:



Rule Five: Daisy Dukes

“The Dukes Of Hazzard” was a good TV series from 1979 to 1985.  Well, actually it was a good show for about three seasons.  After that it was really quite a lot of crap.

For crying out loud Sheriff Coltrane, STOP CHASING THE DUKE’S !!!!  You know where they live !! Just go pick them up.

Cousins Bo, Luke and Daisy were always getting into some sort of mischief.

Not sure if the show ever really explained how Uncle Jesse and the kids were all related.  None of the young’ns were brothers or sisters, so did they each have a different set of parents?

Well, there were two highlights of the show for 7 seasons, a really cool 69 Dodge Charger and of course, Cousin Daisy always walking around in some short shorts !!  Woooooo.