Commies Are Gonna Commie…………

China’s WeChat Admits To Secretly Scanning Users’ Photos

Chinese messaging platform WeChat – which President Trump sought to ban from operating in the United States – has admitted to regularly scanning users’ photos even while the app isn’t in use.

WeChat – which saw the Trump-era efforts to ban it halted by Joe Biden’s Commerce Department – confessed to the disturbing and intrusive practice after an exposé by a tech influencer known as “Hacklous”.

Owned by Chinese Communist Party-affiliated Tencent – which counts high-profile Biden appointees and Democratic officials as investors – WeChat “scans photo galleries for durations of up to 1 minute each while running in the background,” according to Hacklous.

“The same influencer later added that Tencent’s QQ messaging app and Taobao, Alibaba Group Holding’s top online shopping marketplace with roughly 900 million MAUs, have also been found to be routinely scanning user photos,” a report added.

Those people are serious.

American liberals aren’t

And This Is Why They Make Wood Chippers………

Loudoun County Defends Alleged Rape Cover-up, Attacks Victim’s Father


Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) released a statement Wednesday defending the cover-up of an alleged rape while attacking the alleged victim’s father.

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened in Loudoun County, Virginia…

On May 28, the 15-year-old daughter of the father in question, Scott Smith, says she was brutally raped and sodomized in a Stone Bridge High School girls’ bathroom by a boy who gained entry by wearing a skirt and identifying as “gender fluid.”

You are very special people if you cover up sexual assaults and attack the victim’s family.

“Rolling Coal” ?………………………..

I did not know what “Rolling Coal” was.

Apparently it’s what you call a diesel truck blowing big clouds of black exhaust out of the tail pipe.

A Teenager Hit Six Cyclists While Trying To Roll Coal And Was Not Arrested

A 16-year-old pickup driver hit multiple cyclists on Saturday morning near Waller, Texas, a city just west of Houston. The teenager struck six cyclists in all, and two of them were airlifted to local hospitals to treat shoulder, neck and back injuries; one cyclist suffered head trauma, according to KTRK. Police questioned the teenager afterwards, but didn’t arrest or otherwise detain him.

The teenager was driving a Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup, and had been harassing the cyclists earlier by “rolling coal,”or blowing a noxious cloud of black exhaust from your truck tailpipe.




Homemade Apple Cider (and bees)……..

Went out to my brother’s house on a fine (and very warm) October morning to make apple cider.

Below is the cider press that has been in the family since about 1910.

97% of it is original with just a few pieces of wood being replaced or remade.

Note the stainless bowl that is at the front of the press.

This is about 3/4 of the apples that were picked/gathered.  There are a few apple trees on the former homestead that the new owner let us have , there are several trees that are on township property and some trees we’ve knocked on doors to ask if we could have their apples.  Surprising number of people own apple trees that view the fruit as a nuisance, not an asset.


I wasn’t really planning on making a post about making cider so I did not document and photograph everything I should have.  The below blue bucket has a stainless honey filter and honey cloth that is used for the first filter.  This is a relatively new process and I have to laugh at how much more difficult it used to be using cheese cloth that was clothes pinned to the bucket.

This is most of what we pressed.  A few people had stopped by and we probably already gave several gallons away by this time.

This was the best year for apples that we have had in 10 years.  It was just my brother and myself working as several others that said they would be here, had other obligations come up.  Turning the hand crank is quite the workout.

This is how many apples we had left that we will save for another weekend.  It takes about 3 of the 5 gallon buckets to make one squeeze.

Going back to the first photo and that stainless bowl, that gets filled with each squeeze, not including the amount of juice that comes out from just grinding the apples.  These were very juicy apples.  Two red buckets to one yellow made a very good mix.  I like the cider tart.

Now, we could have probably finished the cider on this day, but being warm lent to the BEE infestation.

Almost every time we have made cider in the past, it was cold and damp, this time it was 80 plus and the amount of bees was astonishing.  My dad got stung once, my brother twice and I was not stung at all.  Bees were literally getting pored into the containers and we had had enough of the bees.



In other “Bee” news:

Another applesauce day


Range Time …….

Got a chance to stop at the range (indoor) for some quick shooting:

9 rounds of 380 on the right at 7 yards and 9 rounds at 5 yards on the left.

I was using some bulk ammo I bought last year.  Seems to be “ok”.

The paper is 12×18 and the circles are 4″.


60 rounds of 22LR from the Beretta M9 22 at 7 yards.

I was at the gunshop all of about 30 minutes !!

NASA Gets Something Right…..

NASA for the past 20 years has spent way to much time on “Woke” than space.

About time they say “NO!” to the Woke/Cancel Culture crowd and do space stuff.

NASA Shoots Down Petition to Rename New ‘Homophobic’ Space Telescope


In a rare departure from the woke policies of the Biden Administration, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is rejecting the demands of LGBTQ-activists and diversity-inclusion minions to change the name of the James Webb Space Telescope.

The telescope, which will be the successor to the iconic Hubble telescope, was named for Webb, who was the second appointed administrator of NASA who oversaw all the critical first manned launches in the Mercury through Gemini programs. Of course, the social justice warriors are claiming homophobia.

bLACK Woman Commits Fake Hate Crime

Color me shocked !!!

Dindunuffin, Georgia Terrorist Threatening to Kill Black People Was Actually a Black Woman Creating a Hoax Crime

Since last December, a Douglasville, Georgia neighborhood has been gripped in fear due to racially charged messages that have anonymously been left in the mailboxes of residents of color, reports Fox News. But now police said they have made an arrest and the alleged culprit is not who the neighbors expected.

Wednesday, the Douglasville Police Department confirmed that they had filed criminal charges against Terresha Lucas. Lucas is a 30-year-old Black woman who they believe threatened people in her community while posing as a Ku Klux Klan member

Shocking !!!

I Need Help Cleaning An Old Coin…….

What I have below is an 1842 1/2 Cent (1840-1857).

my apologies for the ungood photos, but that is literally the color of the coin.

We found this coin at my dad’s house 20 years ago digging along the original flagstone foundation when a new well was being dug.  The old well was a 40 foot deep hand dug well and If I remember correctly, the new well went down to almost 400 feet.  I remember many a time helping my dad re-prime the well after the power went out.

I know cleaning coins such as this destroys the value of the coin, but that is not a concern to me.  To me, this is just one of the few really cool things from the old family farm.  We had the property 1890-2021.

Any ideas or tips for cleaning the coin below?

Stop Worrying About Overpenetration…….

Well, that’s something no one has ever said to me……………..


Stop Worrying About Overpenetration


I’ve written in the past about some ballistic testing I observed at one of the past Rangemaster Tactical Conferences I attended. The bottom line of the article was that one shouldn’t depend on expansion from short barreled pocket pistols.

That article generated all kinds of emails and questions on Facebook. Most questions centered around the issue of handgun gelatin penetration. Almost all of the rounds we tested penetrated a full 16″ of gelatin. Folks were asking me why a bullet would need to penetrate 16″ when the heart and other vital organs are only a few inches deep in the chest cavity.

The reason is that penetration in gelatin is not the same as penetration in human flesh and bone.

Gun owners are like a lot of society in general.  There are plenty of us that don’t know everything or even know something.

Concerning using gelatin as a ballistic test, it’s not meant to be a direct substitute for a human body, it’s meant to be a consistent medium.  Too many people either don’t know that or don’t understand that.  Fair enough.

Read the rest of the article.

They euthanized several pigs and shot them with various ammo and the results are quite interesting.

Bike Crash !!

As a young man, I took a six week bike tour in (mostly) Germany in the early 1980’s (any earlier and it would have been the 70’s)

I had a bike crash similar to the one above.

Two of us had spent the better part of the day at a wonderful topless beach on the Danish island of Bornholm.  What a day that was !!!!  I was quite the shy and introverted young man and I remember the first day we had gone to this beach with the full crew of our tour, we saw a pack of young ladies a hundred yards down the beach that were probably our ages (16-22) and they were all topless.  I said out loud “This is going to be kind of awkward for me to walk past them.”  Well, that point became moot as the pack of ladies then proceeded to run towards us and then past us.

The next day was bright and sunny and my best mate decided that we had not had enough of beach and that’s what we decided to do for the day (FYI it was a Sunday, I remember that for a reason ahead).  The beach was maybe 25 kilometers away so it was a fairly quick trip there. We shared turns at drafting off each other.

The day at the beach was rather remarkable.  Fantastic sand beach, very pretty topless ladies and some how I ended up being naked in the Baltic Sea.  We ran into some other Americans and chatted them up for a bit and made some conversation with the Danes.  Fun times.

Just before 4 pm we decided to go, we’d been there for about 4 hours and had the trip back to get to supper in time.  Off we went.  We had gone about 5 kilometers and I was in second place.  What happened is literally etched into my brain.  I can picture it perfectly as if I were going through it again !!

My front tire was a half a foot away from the lead’s rear tire and we were going about 20 mph.  Here comes the mental replay !!  I can see his back tire slow down and my front tire went past his by maybe two inches.  He drifted left before I could pull back and the two tires met.  His tire was applying pressure to the left and my tire was applying pressure to the right.  He then sped back up and when the tires slipped apart, my tire snapped to the right and folded in half like a potato chip.

I went down hard on my right scapula, bounced, and did almost another flip.  I might have gotten lucky with the fact that my feet were in my toe clips and that kept my legs from splaying out and really got lucky that I didn’t crack my head on the pavement.  I immediately stood up, saw the bent rim, popped the quick relapse screamed at the top of my lungs and flung the wheel over a fence into a field about 20 yards away.  By that time my friend had circled back and saw me fling the wheel.

“Shit !!!! I’m going to need that to get back!!”

Now it gets funny.

Up pulls a gang of very large Germans riding mopeds wearing skid suits.  It was all I could do to not laugh.  10 pounds of stuff in a 5 pound bag ! They saw me crash and were checking to see if I was all right.  I assured them I was, and they continued on.

My buddy checked me out and all I had was an asphalt scrape on my scapula and the same on my right thigh.  No serious damage except I knew when we got back, the adult in charge of our group would immediately douse me with hydrogen peroxide to clean the wounds.  When we did get back I had on a T-shirt on so he could not see that and only got my leg.

I climbed over the fence and retrieved my wheel.  It was folded in about a 30 degree angle.  The tire was fine, you would have expected it to have come of the rim.  We spent about 15 minutes jumping on the rim to get it back into shape and back on my bike.  Even with taking my front brakes off, the tire wobbled so much it slapped each fork as I rode.

Obviously we could not make great speed getting back, but under the circumstances, did all right.

The big problem was that we were to catch the early ferry to get back to the mainland.  This was Sunday afternoon and most everything was closed.  The good news was that our host had a friend that owned a bike shop in town and he was able to open up and get me set up with a new tire.  And he would not accept any kind of payment !!  Great guy.

It was not a great replacement tire, but we only had 4-5 days to go so I made the best of it.


Our biking crew in front of a Danish sex shop.

This is not what it looks like:




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First, anyone in the path of a hurricane whether it is a cat 1 or a cat 5, could be in serious danger and it’s important to take all caution needed.

It was only 4-5 days ago that I had heard a media person suggesting that Dorian would ravage all of Florida as a cat 5, hit the Gulf of Mexico, gather energy and hit New Orleans just as hard.

Well, shucks, looks like it changed course and that ain’t gonna happen.

I hardly pay attention to weather reports weeks or even days out with speculation on whatever the upcoming weather apocalypse is coming.

It’s not just that soooooooooooooooo often they are wrong, they are VERY wrong.

Makes for lots of yackity, yackity, yak for the talking heads.

Huh !?!?! $1,000 Video Monitor STAND????

$1,000 Apple Monitor Stand

Apple just announced a $5,000 computer screen that doesn’t come with a stand. Instead, the stand costs an extra $1,000.

It’s not made of carbon fiber or encrusted with jewels. Though the stand seems to be perfectly nice, it doesn’t appear to stand out in any particular way.

It is exactly what it proposes to be: a computer-monitor stand.


This isn’t just bad marketing, this is really bad optics for Apple.