More Stash Stuff……………..

Made a run to the hardware store to get more supplies for the apocalypse  (The Brandon Administration) bunker.


I have several really nice flashlights staged around the house for the “Dark Times”. We have had a few power outages in the past 5-6 years all because of the same %@$!# tree a few properties down the way.  Knock on wood they were always in the summer time so freezing wasn’t a problem and they have removed (FINALLY) the offending tree.

3 medium sized flashlights and 2 headlamps.

The “Husky” flashlights a re fine product, but there are other Energizer lights would have rather had. BUT !!!  The other Energizer lights had (a) uncommon batteries or (b) other than AAA batteries.  I want to have all of the lights using the same batteries.

I don’t buy very many batteries anymore and I was surprised to see that the package of Energizer batteries are good for 10 years. Yeah for that.

I did open each item and test them.  All work.

I asked the question previously about opening the prepackaged supplies.  I did open them and I am glad I did.

1)   Make sure that there really is product in the container.  Would hate to go into the apocalypse zone and find out I have a dozen tubs of someone’s old socks.

2)  Make sure the product is in usable condition.

Of the three tubs I opened, I found 3 items that were damaged.  Two of them had small cuts and one of them had a bad seal/seam on the top.

Now, the company that I purchased the tubs from were willing to give me a refund for the damaged product, but they wanted me to send the entire tub and contents back so they could replace the entire tub !!!  WHAT THE WHAT WHAT ?????

Besides the gross inconvenience, there would be no guarantee that they would have a replacement to send me.

So, I contacted the manufacturer, “Readywise” and they will be sending three replacements to me.

That means sometime soon, I will be sampling the three damaged products for a taste test.





Any Y’all Use Patriot Mobile?

Patriot Mobile

It seems at first glance that ATT/Directv will “cancel” OAN News from the programming.

I rarely read/watch OAN but solely on the principle of it, I will be looking to drop my ATT phone coverage soon.

We need to make they pay in real costs.

9 Out Of 10 Doctors………

Don’t approve of eating this:

(And that’s why I go to doctor # 10)

Fried chicken skin.

I was making boneless chicken thigh rolls and decided to wrap them in bacon.  But after rolling the 2nd thigh, I realized that I had forgot to put the skin back on.  Oh well, Just fry up the skin when I fry up the thigh bits l trimmed off for the dog.

The only thing I think more decadent than this food, would be deep frying pork belly in duck fat.

CRAP !!!!! Now I’m Looking For A Laptop……………….

I have had my Win 8 laptop for almost 9 years.


It’s been a fine computer and has done every thing I need.

But support ended for Win 8 and I purchased my first software that is not Win 8 supported !!

I have always resisted the free update to Win 8.1 just because I don’t like updates.


It’s cheaper at a few other places, $399-$410.

It’s got a lot of what I want/need.

8 Gig Ram (old 4 Gig)

4.1 Ghz processor (old 1.7)

256 Gig storage.  This will be the first computer I have had with SSD.

Storage is not an issue as I keep most data on several externals.

3 USB ports   Would really like more

Screen size is moot since this will be plugged into a “docking station”.

$400 bucks is in the budget if I cut a few other future purchases.  I hear brakes are only a suggestion.


I love new computers because I like tweaking them, I also like the idea of a “clean” computer.

What I don’t like, is having to reinstall all of my software and setting all of my online accounts.


January 6, 2021

First, I have to say that if anyone thinks that 01/06/2021 was an “insurrection”, there aren’t enough synonyms in a thousand thesauruses for “dip shit, idiot, moron, dip wad, cocktwaddle, buffoon, fool, jackass, brain stem, nit wit…….” You are the dumbest of the dumb.

My dad and younger brother are huge Trump supporters and were on board the Trump Train long before I was. My brother said he and my dad were planning on going to the Capital that day and I said I would go as well. The plan was to drive and stay outside of DC and take the train in and use public transportation. My dad is in pretty good health for 85 but he can’t spend all day walking around.

Now, I was fully expecting that the Democrat Fascist Storm Troopers would be there to instigate violence (because that’s their sole purpose in life) and I was not going to be in the middle of any of the crowds.
My brother on the other hand wanted to be right up front and center !!!

No freaking way for me !!

But, my brother was hearing rumors that the public transportation was going to be shut down and did not want to go if we couldn’t get our dad around safely so he cancelled.

I still planned on going. I took the week off at work and had the idea that I would be going.
I ended up not going.

A lot of “Who knows” if I had gone.

I wish I had

Adding To The Stash……

I pulled the trigger and bought some of the 25 year shelf life “long term storage” food:

A bucket of powdered eggs.

I remember 40 plus years ago when I was 14-15 on a canoe trip on the Boundary Waters and one of the freeze dried foods we had was “Scrambled eggs”.  I remember them tasting really good !!  I’m going to have to open a package of these and give them a try to see how they are.



A bucket of “Entrees”.

Cheesy Macaroni

Chili Macaroni

Creamy Past And Vegs

Cheesy Lasagna

Pasta Alfredo

Tortilla Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup

Savory Stroganoff

I might have to pick one of those to sample as well.  Hate to get to the Apocalypse and find out my food sucks.

Any reason to leave all of the premade items in their original container and not repack them in another tote?

Also picked of a lot of hand/body warmers and a couple of small knives that were on sale.



New Laws In Illinois……………..

A new law takes effect giving students up to five days off for mental health.

Also called “Slacker days”

A law prohibiting rules regarding hairstyles such as braids and twists. The measure is aimed at ending discrimination based on hairstyles.


New consumer protection laws will be on the books. When a loved one dies, survivors are sometimes burdened with cancellation fees from utilities. That will no longer be allowed under law.

Actually a good idea.  Too bad it has to be a law and utilities don’t do it as a matter of doing the right thing.

Starting Jan 1, phone, television and internet providers are prohibited from charging a fee for early cancellation of a service contract.

Bad law.  It’s called a “CONTRACT”

Children’s lemonade stands are getting new protections. Hayli’s Law ensures children under 16 can run a lemonade stand without a permit or license.

Thank God the people that legislate our lives agreed that KIDS can sell lemonade without bureaucratic oversight.

Firearms owners in the state should brace for changes. Fingerprinting for firearms is encouraged, although it is not required. State police can beginning issuing a combined FOID Card and concealed carry license as they establish a public database aimed at preventing the transfer of stolen firearms.

I need to look into this.

It’s good/bad that the FOID/CCL are separate cards. Would be nice not to have to carry one more piece of ID, but it’s also no ones f’n business if I’m buying ammo or a gun to know that I have a CCL.  Of course it would be best, not to have either ID.

Also have to check out the “public database” associated with this law.  Does that really mean a PUBLIC database??????  Also, not sure how a “PUBLIC” database would stop thieves from stealing guns and selling them to prohibited possessors




Stolen Gun Database

In January 2022, the Illinois State Police must develop a stolen gun database through which potential buyers may search the gun’s serial number to see whether it is stolen. The State Police will also monitor state and federal databases for residents charged with firearms crimes. They must correlate these records with CCL and FOID to identify individuals who cannot own a gun.


OK, I can dig that.

Won’t stop the sale of guns that haven’t been reported stolen or guns stolen that the SN is unknown etc.


Let’s Go Brandon

Fuck Joe Biden

Trump Won

Biden Cheated


The China Wuhan Virus MONEY SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the minute I found out in 2020 that the government (taxpayers) were paying a premium for handling China Wuhan Virus cases,  I knew it would affect case counts and other metrics.


Don’t think for a minute that hospital, doctors, hospital administrators are above clicking the “China Wuhan Virus” box on the report.  It’s my opinion that’s why so many Drs are anti-therapeutic because they are under pressure from hospitals and administrators  and insurance companies.  Should we presume that state Medicare programs are in on the scam as well?

Biden’s Bounty on Your Life: Hospitals’ Incentive Payments for COVID-19

The hospital payments include:

  • A “free” required PCR test in the Emergency Room or upon admission for every patient, with government-paid fee to hospital.
  • Added bonus payment for each positive COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • Another bonus for a COVID-19 admission to the hospital.
  • A 20 percent “boost” bonus payment from Medicare on the entire hospital bill for use of remdesivir instead of medicines such as Ivermectin.
  • Another and larger bonus payment to the hospital if a COVID-19 patient is mechanically ventilated.
  • More money to the hospital if cause of death is listed as COVID-19, even if patient did not die directly of COVID-19.
  • A COVID-19 diagnosis also provides extra payments to coroners.

CMS implemented “value-based” payment programs that track data such as how many workers at a healthcare facility receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Now we see why many hospitals implemented COVID-19 vaccine mandates. They are paid more.

 Outside hospitals, physician MIPS quality metrics link doctors’ income to performance-based pay for treating patients with COVID-19 EUA drugs. Failure to report information to CMS can cost the physician 4% of reimbursement.

Because of obfuscation with medical coding and legal jargon, we cannot be certain of the actual amount each hospital receives per COVID-19 patient. But Attorney Thomas Renz and CMS whistleblowers have calculated a total payment of at least $100,000 per patient.

We are being played………………

Starting The “Stash”…..

I have been trying to get ready for any type of event that may result in my inability to get food from outside my home.  Anywhere between a zombie apocalypse to a severe weather event .


I think I can plan on between 2000-2500 calories per day.

A decent storage tote for the canned goods.

Easy enough to toss in the car if I need to go mobile.

That’s about a week of food for one person

I looked into a few commercially available products for long term food.

Patriot Supply

90 day supply for $897 with 2000 calories a day.



90 day supply for $597 with 1505 calories a day.


Both of these kits come with items such as “chocolate/vanilla pudding, banana chips, orange drink, tropical drink”  I suppose some people would need those kinds of items but I don’t want to pay a premium for those types of foods.

There would certainly be some advantage to having the pre packed food for just space saving and longevity.

Mine works out to just under $10.00 a day.  That’s actually kind of depressing.  I do 3/4 of the grocery shopping and I know what food costs are.

Breaking it down some:

Patriot Supply:     4.98 cents per 1000 calories

4Patriots:     4.45 cents per 1000 calories

Me:     3.90 cents per 1000 calories.

So, I guess I’m in the ball park for food. ( I did not add tax/shipping to the other products which would make those cost per 1K a little higher.)


I can add considerable savings by storing pasta and rice.  The above plastic containers should do well with oxygen absorbers in them.

There are an unlimited amount of food shortage situations that could happen, best case would be for me to be able to be home and use everything in the cupboards first.  With this supply, I will have to be aware in the future (1.5-2 years) to cycle these supplies out and rotate fresh in.

Also need to add water storage as well.


I started this post months ago and have since added more.

I have enough supplies for:

19 days for 1 person

10 days for 2 people

6  days for 3 people


New Coffee Machine……………………

I quit drink coffee months ago just to see if it helped me sleep at night.  Nope, it didn’t. But I did  stop drinking coffee except for weekends at home.

Instead of coffee in the morning, I’ve been having a “Rockstar”.  I can often find those on sale for about $1 and I back the truck up and load up on them.

The Rockstar is much gentler on my stomach than the coffee is so that’s a good trade off.

However, the supply of cheap Rockstar’s has been depleted and I stopped at  Speedway to get a cup of coffee today and they had a new coffee maker:

They used to have a big setup with 10-15 pots of brewed coffee that you were never quite sure of how old they were and now they have an instant brew machine.

I’m sure they did it because of the China Wuhan Virus, but it must be a great labor saver and it makes a really good cup of coffee.

OSHA Suspends Implementation of Vaccine Mandate per Court Order

OSHA Suspends Implementation of Vaccine Mandate per Court Order

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has suspended the implementation of its federal vaccine mandate affecting roughly 80 million workers in the U.S. after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit granted a motion to stay its COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS).

This is not a victory yet.

We all know the Fascist administration will try something else…………………

This Is Called An “Invasion”……………………………..

‘God’s Hand is With Us’: Illegal Migrant Caravan Leaders Are Issuing Violent Threats to U.S. Border Security.


The main caravan is being led by individuals such as Mexican-American Irineo Mujica. Mujica is part of a “pro-migrant” organization that operates internationally, and has been investigated for human trafficking in the past. As the Director of the nonprofit Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders/PSF), Mujica has been arrested and detained throughout his career for attacking immigration agents, local and federal police, after he was asked for identification documentation.

Mujica has recently been quoted on the intentions of his latest caravan: “we prefer to march with [travel] papers… and this time, with papers or without papers, we are ready for war. If the National Guard comes and they are cowardly enough to beat women and children, let them prepare because God’s hands is with us.”

Earlier this month, the group violently pushed through a National Guard roadblock in Tapachula, Mexico, overwhelming the forces dressed in riot gear.


This is what Democrats want for America.

Let’s Go Brandon !!

Democrats Are Disgusting And Most Foul…………………………

I have been saying since Nobama’s 2nd imaculation:


Democrats Pretend To Be Nazi Republican Supporters

The campaign Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe has denied that people who posed as tiki-torch carrying Nazis in front of a campaign bus belonging to GOP gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin are affiliated with the McAuliffe campaign.

Fuck you Democrats, every single one of you.

The greatest difference between “us” and “them”, is that we have a moral break.

Good Riddance AT&T………………………….

AT&T employees are ‘assessed annually’ on racial politics issues and being workplace activists


“According to a senior employee, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, managers at AT&T are now assessed annually on diversity issues, with mandatory participation in programs such as discussion groups, book clubs, mentorship programs, and race reeducation exercises. White employees, the source said, are tacitly expected to confess their complicity in ‘white privilege’ and ’systemic racism,’ or they will be penalized in their performance reviews. As part of the overall initiative, employees are asked to sign a loyalty pledge to ‘keep pushing for change,’ with suggested ‘intentions’ such as ‘reading more about systemic racism’ and ‘challenging others’ language that is hateful.’ ‘If you don’t do it,’ the senior employee says, ‘you’re [considered] a racist.’”


You want to play “Go Woke, Go Broke”?

I’m in.

I’ve been planning on dumping ATT for some time but this will push it up.

I need to check out the details but have heard god things about Patriot Mobile:

Patriot Mobile

Apology NOT Accepted……………………..

National School Board Association Apologizes for Letter Sent to DOJ Calling Concerned Parents Domestic Terrorists


No, you said exactly what you meant and the DOJ/Garland did exactly what you wanted.

No, apology not accepted and screw you.

I hope as many school districts end their relationship with you as possible.  You can never be trusted again.

Commies Are Gonna Commie…………

China’s WeChat Admits To Secretly Scanning Users’ Photos

Chinese messaging platform WeChat – which President Trump sought to ban from operating in the United States – has admitted to regularly scanning users’ photos even while the app isn’t in use.

WeChat – which saw the Trump-era efforts to ban it halted by Joe Biden’s Commerce Department – confessed to the disturbing and intrusive practice after an exposé by a tech influencer known as “Hacklous”.

Owned by Chinese Communist Party-affiliated Tencent – which counts high-profile Biden appointees and Democratic officials as investors – WeChat “scans photo galleries for durations of up to 1 minute each while running in the background,” according to Hacklous.

“The same influencer later added that Tencent’s QQ messaging app and Taobao, Alibaba Group Holding’s top online shopping marketplace with roughly 900 million MAUs, have also been found to be routinely scanning user photos,” a report added.

Those people are serious.

American liberals aren’t

And This Is Why They Make Wood Chippers………

Loudoun County Defends Alleged Rape Cover-up, Attacks Victim’s Father


Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) released a statement Wednesday defending the cover-up of an alleged rape while attacking the alleged victim’s father.

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened in Loudoun County, Virginia…

On May 28, the 15-year-old daughter of the father in question, Scott Smith, says she was brutally raped and sodomized in a Stone Bridge High School girls’ bathroom by a boy who gained entry by wearing a skirt and identifying as “gender fluid.”

You are very special people if you cover up sexual assaults and attack the victim’s family.