A new hamburger joint opened up in my area (It’s been here about a year, but I just got around to going to it).

It’s called “Smasburger”

I like burgers.  I like burgers a lot !!

To me, a good burger is a patty and a bun.  That’s really all I need. Maybe a nice shot of horseradish mustard.

Since I was at a “specialty” type burger joint, I decided that  to properly evaluate the burger, I should order something other than just a simple burger.  I ordered the “Spicy Baja” (Pepper jack cheese, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion, spicy chipotle mayo and fresh jalapeños on a spicy chipotle bun)

The fries are “shoestring cut” and they are actually hard to eat because they are small.

The chipotle sauce was quite zingy but over all, there wasn’t a whole lot of taste.  I had a much better jalapeno burger at Applebees.

It was a $5.99 burger and the price was right since we had a “buy one, get one” coupon.  If I get another coupon, I might go back just to try a plain burger.

My wife and I both concur that if we are in the mood for going out for a burger, the choice still is Portillios.

We’ve been to Red Robin twice.  This is the kind of place that I think gives burgers a bad name.  Too many choices, too many “things” to pile on .  Kind of like have a salad or a side entree stacked on the burger.