12 Gauge Brass Shell

My dad has been cleaning out the last of his old barns and he dropped off a small box of old brass “stuff.”  One of the items was a brass shotgun shell:

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Unless the value of this item is in the $1.1 million range, I don’t care about the value.

Not sure what I want to do to clean it up or just leave it as is.



I think this photo may be from about 1920.

My brother has the pump shotgun on the left.  Don’t know the make/model, haven’t looked at it in a long time.

I shot it about 5 times when I was probably 10-12 years old and that’s the last time I fired a shotgun.

I shot many,many,many,many sparrows, pigeons, starlings and other feathered vermin with the .22 lr when I was a kid and regretted never getting a .410 for blasting pests.

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I transcribe newspaper articles from microfilm (1875-1920) about the little town I grew up in and it was common for a lot of people to carry a pistol with them.  A few gun accidents as well.  But there were far more buggy accidents and deaths due to farm machinery than the guns.