Veal Korma

I had a coupon for some veal stew meat and thought that I would use it to make a Masala dish.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find the Masala at the store, but in its place was a similar looking jar of “Korma”.  I had no idea what Korma was, but I was guessing that it must be similar to Masala so I bought it.

Looks OK.

Veal stew meat in the new 8 inch cast iron skillet.

Let’s cook that down to a thick goo !!!

Naan on the grill.

All plated up.

The wife thought that it was too spicy, I thought it was just fine.

Meatloaf II (Son of the Meatloaf)

Another loaf of meat.

I remember when I was about 8-9 years old at a Methodist church pot luck dinner, some “old lady” brought meatballs.  I remember two things about those meatballs, #1 THEY WERE THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD and #2 they had rice in them.

So perhaps putting rice in my already incredible meatloaf could push it to “11”.

So I added some Jambalaya rice that would increase the zip-it-ti-do-da level

I don’t often put a glaze on the loaf but thought I would this time.

I did mange to take it to “11” !!

Lunch For Week XXII

I haven’t posted anything about my lunches lately, mostly because they were not very interesting !!

The past several weks I had rice with water chestnuts.

BUH !!!

But this week, I had to throw a piece of good lean beef in.

The good news is that I’m still down 10 pounds.  I just need to eat less for supper everyday !!



Lunch for the week I

Just for a change of pace, I did not make my usual “Split Pea & (fill in the name of a pork product) Soup”

Being the notorious cheap bastard that I am, this lunch for the week will be just under $5.00.

Normally that amount of meat would have only been 2 lunches, but I do need to lose about 20 pounds so I am going to be making a  (more) serious effort to eat less !!!

Finished product.

When using the canned vegetables, the secret is to mix them with the cooked meat, cover and remove from the heat.  That way the vegetables won’t get overcooked.  Yes, I could use fresh vegetables but sometime it’s much easier to open a can !!