Changes have been made to my schedule, some good, some bad, but it still sucks a lot.

BUT !!!

I am not complaining.  I have a job and am working unlike 25,000,000 people because of moronic decisions made by imbeciles.

I actually had a real day off and I had my brother come over to do a little plumbing work for me and it was a great day to grill out.  My dad came along as well.  He’s 80 years old and this “stay at home” crap is killing him !!  Most of his life revolves hanging around with the guys for coffee half the day and he usually eats all of his dinners out !!  So with no open restaurants and no coffee club, not a whole heck of a lot for the old guy to do.

End of April so I think I was mostly on schedule for hard cleaning the grill.  Once a season I take the grill apart and give it the full job.


Lots of greasy bits in there !!!

It was a good opportunity to make some kick ass beans too.

No secret recipe or anything like that.  Couple of cans of good baked beans, Tabasco to taste and some kind of pork.  I had bought a bag of bacon jerky for snacking on my overnight drives but I completely forgot to eat it so into the pot it goes.


This gets cooked for about 4 hours on the stove top on the lowest heat until it is as thick as wallpaper paste.


My grill outside has a side burner, but I cannot set the heat low enough to cook this outside.

MEATS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Doing the plumbing and cooking out was on short notice and I told my brother I had pork chops to cook and that I would also pick up some steaks.  He told me that he would bring the steak and some venison.


Pork chops, venison and a big sirloin steak.  Now, I’m not much of a fan of store bought sirloin but this was not from the store and it was great !!!!

The venison was fantastic.  This was the back strap.  A friend gave this to my brother so he didn’t make the decisions on the butchering, but we both would have liked to have had the pieces cut thicker.

Meat Candy !!

Ahhhhhhh !!!

I pan fried a couple of pork chops for my lunches this week.  Put a nice sriracha rub on them with a nice, subtle flavor.

The best part of the chop is shown below in the box.

I call it “Meat Candy.”

It has all the best parts, some good fat around it and on the bone.

WOW !!!

How great would it be if you could buy a package of just those bits to cook !!


Beef Backribs and Pork Chops

I received a text from my wife while she was at the grocery store:

“beef ribs on special, want?”

My reply:

“only if they are short ribs”

I know my cow parts, those ain’t short ribs.

I usually don’t buy the back ribs because generally there isn’t a lot of meat on them and they do seem to be tougher.

But this time, I wrapped them in foil and cooked them for about an hour before I put the BBQ sauce on them.

No one else would eat the ribs so a side order of bone in pork chops was cooked also.  “Bone in” is the only way to go !! (double entendre !!)  See that little round piece of meat near the tail of the bone that’s surrounded by fat??  Best part ever !!

Had a couple of Brat buns leftover from a previous dinner.

Made a little bit of compound butter with garlic salt in it for a spread.

Toasted on the grill to crispy goodness.

I’m the guy that BBQ “experts” tell you not to cook like.  I like my BBQ sauce burnt and caramelized on my food

Meat on a Stick

I had some boneless pork chops and thought I would jazz it up a little.
No real reason to do this, but it’s fun to change things up a bit and the daughter thought it was neat !

Maybe next time I will cut them thinner and roll them in toasted sesame seeds.