Would You Pay $60,000 For A Home Generator?

First a Caveat !!!!

There is nothing in the story about how much this vehicle costs. (which means it costs a shitload)

I’m basing the $60,000 on the known price of the Chevy Crap Useless Volt and adding some since the pickup is more expensive.


An interesting benefit to being able to generate 15 kilowatts of electricity with the turn of a key is that the eREVs can each theoretically generate enough juice to temporarily power a small- to medium-size house. VIA showcased the vehicles’ ability to power almost any tool that a PG&E technician might need at a work site, but PG&E hopes that this capacity can be increased in the future and used to shorten or eliminate planned maintenance outages or provide emergency power to businesses and residences. The idea is that you could send an electrified truck to a trouble spot, hook it up to the power infrastructure, and boost the electric grid until the issue has been resolved.

Please, fist note the words: “theoretically”, ” temporarily”,”small- to medium”,” hopes”

That tells us immediately that this is nothing but a hobby toy or a high school science project.

“Boost the electric grid until the issue has been resolved”.

OK, math time !!!

Unless the are only talking about one (small to medium) house, just how freakin’ many of these drivable generators would be needed to just power up a city block???

PG&E already charges very high rates for power, and this ain’t gonna help lower consumer costs !!