Remington Subsonic 22 LR

I bought a couple hundred Remington Subsonics a while ago to try out in my brother’s Marlin lever action just to see how well they performed and to see if they were much quieter than standard 22 LRs.   It’s going to be a while before I get to use the Marlin so I decided to try them in my auto loaders.  The Subsonics only have 1050 fps and I was expecting them NOT to be able to cycle.

Very surprising results.  I thought maybe they would work in the Compact but certainly not in the Beretta.  But hey!!  Pretty good results.  I still had the earplugs in so I couldn’t tell if they were any quieter.  Remington makes the CBee 22LR whic has only 740 fps velocity and that’s pretty much guaranteed not to cycle.

My go to round is the Remington Golden hollow point.  36 gr, plated, 1280 fps.  I can buy the 1400 round buckets at Wally World for less than 5 cents a round.  That makes for lots of cheap shootin’.

Back when 22 ammo was short, I would buy what ever I could find, but now that it’s back, I only buy the Goldens because of the price, the consistency and being plated, quite a bit cleaner.

I carried the Compact 22 for a year as my EDC before I got the S&W 380.


Paul Harrell testing 22 ammo: