Habanero Clamgetti

I had to throw together something for a couple of  days lunches for work and this is what came out of the cubbard:


Draining the diced tomatoes and the clams.

Unfortunately, I got real busy while making this and I neglected to rinse the clams.  There was grit in the finished product.

Sauteing the clams in a little olive oil.

Toss in the habanero tomatoes.

Mixing together with the rotini pasta.


Wam-Bam-Pow !

A couple of quick  lunches.

I normally like to use the diced tomatoes with “Chiles”  in them, but I had a few cans of the habanero tomatoes.  It added a lot of “Zing-Pow” to the lunch.  I actually feel sorry for anyone that had afternoon meetings with me on those days.



Not to be confused with “Rice-A-Roni” (The San Francisco Treat)

or with “BeefARoni”

Just a few simple items.

All cooked up.

A Quick Spaghetti Dinner

The wife and daughter were out for dinner with my mother and my out-of-town niece, so I was on my own for dinner.  We had already planned on having spaghetti so I went ahead with it for my self:

I come from a very non Italian family and I remember when I was a bout 12 years old, I was having dinner at a friends house and when they served the spaghetti, there was a separate dish for the pasta and the sauce !!  To me, that was something that was out of the norm !

The sauce was from a jar

The meatballs were frozen in a bag

The Parmesan was pre-shredded.

That’s why it’s a “Quick” dinner !! (Don’t think bad of me)

This was the food count for the day:

Calories Fat Carb Protein
Lean cusine Egg Roll 320 1 62 8
3/4 cup rice 240 0 54 6
1 cup Yogurt 120 0 18 10
Fruit 70 0 14 0
6 Meatballs 230 16 5 15
Sauce 160 5 24 4
Pasta 630 5 123 21
Beer 55 0 0 0
1825 27 300 64


When I was counting out the calories making dinner, I thought that there was WAY TOO MANY and I decided not to have any toasted garlic bread. But when I totaled it up for the day, I was quite surprised (pleasantly)to see that I was still under 2000 calories for the day !!