The Highwaymen

“The Highwaymen” is a show on Netflix that is NOT a steaming pile.


The story:

Bonnie and Clyde had been running wild and free for too long through Texas and reluctantly the lady Texas Governor allows two former Texas Rangers to join the man-hunt.  The former Rangers are old school and not sophisticated enough to be considered as serious lawmen.  Former Rangers Hamer and Gault track down and kill the criminals.

This version of the Bonnie & Clyde story is superior to the 1967 Warren Beatty version.  The 1967 version glorified the murderous thugs and quite frankly, I was never interested in much of their personal story.  “Highwaymen” takes quick looks at the backgrounds of B&G to develop their character, but certainly does not glorify them or focus on “their” story.

If this were a movie theater movie, it would be Costner’s Academy Award performance.  Just outstanding !!  One minor fault.  Costner will always be mocked for his “English” accent in “Robin Hood”, in “Highwaymen”, he occasionally slips out of voice character into his own voice.

Yes, of course not everything is 100 % accurate in the movie.  Not going to pick nits. It focus’s on the main story and does it well.

Rule 5 : Maria Conchita Alonso (NSFW)

We dropped cable/dish services back around 2012.

Really don’t miss it much. Signed up for Netflix and it fills the need for watching TV along with checking out DVDs at the local library. Quite frankly, the family should do less “sitting around watching TV activity.”

So, I also just signed up for Hulu to add a little more variety to the programming.

One of the first movies that popped up and that I watched was “The Running Man.”

A decent 80’s schlock movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But better yet, co-starring Maria Conchita Alonso !!!!




Oh what a pretty lady !!




Reminds me a bit of The Knack’s  “My Sharona”  album cover.




It would appear that Maria did a shoot for Mexican Playboy and I suspect this was from that.




Probably from the Mexican Playboy shoot as well.

Really glad she did not have a boob job !!

Literally the only lingerie photo I could find.




There’s a double standard with people accepting aging people, for men it is seen as being “distinguished” and it’s less accepted for aging women.  I personally don’t mind many aging women.  Maria is a couple of years older than I am and I think that she has aged well.  Yes, I know there is some makeup involved but I still think she looks HOT !!




Because I promised something NSFW !

I learned a few things while putting this post together.

  1.     There are a fair number of Maria’s photos on sites devoted to “Feet”.
  2.     Maria does not have a problem going out in public bra-less.
  3.      Despite an very large film bibliography and acting career,  I had a hard time               finding a lot of quality photos.




An Upcoming Lifestyle Change/Experiment

Far too often I find myself sitting on the easy chair and the television is on acting mostly as “background” noise.  I’m either too bored to watch anything or there is nothing good on.  I probably have other things to do, but I just sit there with the television on.

I would rather us (the family) watch less television in general.

I have an unlimited amount of small home improvement projects to do.

I have several genealogy projects and history research and writing to do.

Books to read, old time radio shows to listen to……………………………

Same for the wife and daughter.

So, my DirecTV contract expires in September and I am thinking about NOT renewing it and NOT subscribing to either cable or any other satellite service.

I’ve been in my house for 20 years and we started out with cable.  I never had any complaints about the service, but it just became too expensive for the value I was getting for it.

I had Dish Network for two years, again I did not have any complaints about the service, but when the contract ran out, I switched to DirecTV because I could get a better rate for a year before the price going to normal for the second year.

I currently pay $70 dollars a month for a “basic plus” package.

I doubt that the family couldn’t go cold turkey on eliminating television so I am considering either subscribing to Netflixor Hulu Plus.  Each of those are less than $10 a month.  I’d be ecstatic to save $60 a month !!(beer and steak money)

I may have to spend $100-$150 for some type of “receiver” for either service I would choose.

I need to investigate both online services and learn about what technology that I need to do this.

Any ideas????