“When The Moon Is In The Seventh House”……………………………………..

And Jupiter aligns with Mars…………………………………..

Man,I really dig “Hair”

Why didn’t Treat Williams become a superstar after this?

Any way, back on track here.

I am always working on a local history project about the little town I grew up in and this is one of the little odd bits that I came across:

The Aurora Beacon


Wiggin’s terrific storm, that was to sweep over the continent between the 9th and 11th instead failed to put in its appearance here.  A moderate wind and a few snow squalls gave us no alarm or damage.  But Professor Couch, of Iowa, says that Wiggins is careless with his figures.  He says the storm will come about the 15th and 16th instead.  Professor Mansill says: “The principle disturbing positions of the planets appear to be located about the 11th and 12th, and the 15th to 17th; the worst storms the 11th or 12th and the 22nd or 23rd.”  Professor Tice predicts” heavy storms the 15th and 19th.”  Dr. Todd says “the principle storms will visit us about the 15th, 23rd and 29th.”  On the 12th Jupiter will be in quadrature with the sun; also Saturn will be in conjunction with the moon, and on the 17th Mercury will be in conjunction with Mars.  All these positions are call disturbing positions.

This is Ezekiel Stone Wiggins:


Wiggins wrote the “Architecture of the Heavens” containing a new theory of the universe and the extent of the deluge, and testimony of the Bible and geology in opposition to the views of Dr. Colenso”. Wiggins’ theorized that storms, unusual tides, earthquakes and cyclones were all caused by planetary attraction, and that both visible and invisible planets could shift the Earth’s center of Gravity. He claimed to have predicted the 1869 Saxby Gale. He claimed that the sun was merely an electric light, which did not generate any heat.

Wiggins theorized that the unusual proximity of Jupiter to the Earth and the action of the Earth’s moon upon Jupiter were responsible for the cold weather Canada experienced in the winter of 1904.

Credit: Wikipedia

You should really read the entire entry at Wiki.

OK, this guys has a master mustache, but can’t call the weather worth doodily squat.

“Office of Planetary Protection”

“Planetary Protection Officer”

The first thing I thought when I heard that was:

But there really is an “Office of Planetary Protection” and a “Planetary Protection Officer”.



“The mission of the Planetary Protection Office is to minimize the biological cross-contamination resulting from the exploration of the solar system.”

“Planetary protection is the term given to the practice of protecting solar system bodies (i.e., planets, moons, comets, and asteroids) from contamination by Earth life, and protecting Earth from possible life forms that may be returned from other solar system bodies. Planetary protection is essential for several important reasons: to preserve our ability to study other worlds as they exist in their natural states; to avoid contamination that would obscure our ability to find life elsewhere — if it exists; and to ensure that we take prudent precautions to protect Earth’s biosphere in case it does.”


I want that job just so I could put that on my business card.

But seriously, apparently there is some “concern” that some drill bits on the Mars Curiosity rover may not be sterile.
Is the Sierra Club aware of this?????