Dear NFL: Week 08

Week 08, zero NFL watched.

I did get to watch South Africa defeat Wales 19-16 in Rugby World Cup play.

Pretty good game considering it was a kicking game and not a passing game.

So SA advances to the finals to play England.  That will be a great match.  Hope it’s on free TV and I remember to watch.

Dear NFL: 2018 Recap

Zero NFL watched this year for me!!

Well, I did watch a bout 10 minutes of the “Pro” Bowl.

Watching the “Pro” Bowl is like watching a train wreck.  You know it’s horrible, but you want to watch the disaster!

I get that multi-millionaire athletes don’t want to get hurt off season, but seriously, take the pads off, officially make it “Touch Football” and stop the embarrassment !!

“Super” Bowl?

Nope, not a minute.

I’m really excited about completely missing the 2019 season !!