Fuck Joe Biden Gas Now $4.59…………………..


If Fuck Joe Biden hated America, what would he be doing differently?


Those that voted for the mashed potato brained moron, fuck you.

Those that still support him, fuck you.

The people that laughed, giggled and celebrated as an election was publicly and openly stolen, fuck you

The people you vote for and support DON’T CARE !!!!!!!!  Fuck you

The people you vote for and support AREN’T GOING TO HELP !!!!! Fuck you

You so hate everything good that you are willing to destroy it so no one can have it, fuck you




Fuck Joe Biden Gas Now $4.19…………………..

Those that voted for the mashed potato brained moron, fuck you.

Those that still support him, fuck you.

The people that laughed, giggled and celebrated as an election was publicly and openly stolen, fuck you

The people you vote for and support DON’T CARE !!!!!!!!  Fuck you

The people you vote for and support AREN’T GOING TO HELP !!!!! Fuck you

You so hate everything good that you are willing to destroy it so no one can have it, fuck you




Joe Rogan & Spotify……………………..

I don’t know who Joe Rogan is, I don’t know his views or what he stands for or believes.  I know he recently had a huge interview with Dr. Malone that exploded the heads of the CoVidiots.

I know that a few years ago he signed a very large deal with Spotify and instantly some Spotify employees wanted he off or they’d quit (or some kerfuffle like that).  Since Rogan is still on Spotify, I’m going to presume Spotify did not fire Rogan.

I don’t use Spotify.

Just from reading some headlines on the intertubes, it would appear that Spotify has removed and or have/will be adding some sort of “misinformation” warnings on Rogan’s podcasts.  It also appears that Rogan has made some sort of apology and or kowtowed to the woke mafia for past and future free speech misdeeds.

It’s just me, but I will not go out of my way to listen to Rogan if he has decided to kowtow to the woke mafia and if Spotify needs to put warnings on “misinformation”, I will never be using their product.

Liberal Pussies Poop Panties…………………………

Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke walk off Masked Singer stage in protest at contestant


Robin Thicke and Ken Jeong reportedly walked off stage in protest when Rudy Giuliani was unmasked on ‘The Masked Singer’.

The two judges were unimpressed when Donald Trump’s lawyer was revealed as one of the disguised singers on the upcoming Season 7 of the Fox series, and made no hesitation in letting their feelings known.

I always forget that the Left are the “tolerant” ones.

CRAP !!!! More $@^!% Computer Stuff……….

Like I said before, I’m less excited about new technology because of the problems with setting things up and updating software.

I’m finally setting up the new laptop and it’s just going smoooooooooooooooooooooooothly !!

I’ve used “Quicken” for probably 25 years and really like it (and am quite satisfied and comfortable with it)  I had a huge problem when upgrading to the old Win 8 laptop and of course now, there’s another issue.  Turns out Quicken is now a subscription service. (not going to happen !!!)  I’m not sure if you get the first year subscription with the purchase of the new software but from what I think I read, if you let the subscription expire, you can still use the software, but you just won’t be able to use the online features and won’t get updates.  I don’t need or want to have my banking/credit cards/401k etc updated or connected to the application so that would work for me.

I tooled around the intertubes for a bit and I saw that there were a couple of free personal finance programs that you could import Quicken files.  Sadly, one of them is “Microsoft Money Plus Sunset”.  I downloaded it and installed it, imported my Quicken data and it seems to be a fine replacement for Quicken.  Now, I was completely willing to pay for a new Quicken program, but had no intention of going “subscription.”

That was issue # 1

Issue # 2

I have had a “Home Use” version of Office Enterprise 2007 from my workplace, but I have had it so long, I’ve used up all of the allowed installations.

I really only need Excel and Word.

More tooling around the intertubes and I find “Apache OpenOffice”

Anyone out there use that or have any other suggestions?

General software question(s):

How long do you keep old software?

I keep a big folder of most of the software I’ve bought.  Went through it a few months ago and tossed of the most obvious stuff I would never use again or is too old to be used.

I have Quicken 2001, 2005, 2008 and they won’t install on Win 10.  Also have 20 years of Turbo Tax. I’ve had to reinstall a previous year’s Turbo Tax before, so I know I need to keep the past 5 years of that.

I miss playing “Combat Flight Simulator and doubt those would load now either.

Now, the oldest laptop I have in storage may be my XP machine.  I wonder if I should hold on to some of this stuff in case I want to throw it on the XP.

Slap Some Cankles On Her As Well………………………

Minnie Mouse trades in her iconic dress for a pantsuit


On Tuesday, Disneyland Paris announced that Minnie Mouse will wear her first pantsuit at the French theme park for its 30th anniversary in March.

Stella McCartney designed the custom pantsuit. In a statement in the Disneyland Paris press release, the British fashion designer said Minnie will wear the pantsuit in honor of Women’s History Month in March.

Nothing says “feminism” like butching up a woman.

Look for Mickey to be hanging around Daisy Duck more.



or… mass hypnosis- the madness of crowds

As many of you know, I have spent time researching and speaking about mass psychosis theory. Most of what I have learned has come from Dr. Mattias Desmet, who realized that this form of mass hypnosis, of the madness of crowds, can account for the strange phenomenon of about 20-30% of the population in the western world becoming entranced with the Noble Lies and dominant narrative concerning the safety and effectiveness of the genetic vaccines, and both propagated and enforced by politicians, science bureaucrats, pharmaceutical companies and legacy media.

What one observes with the mass hypnosis is that a large fraction of the population is completely unable to process new scientific data and facts demonstrating that they have been misled about the effectiveness and adverse impacts of mandatory mask use, lockdowns, and genetic vaccines that cause people’s bodies to make large amounts of biologically active coronavirus Spike protein.

These hypnotized by this process are unable to recognize the lies and misrepresentations they are being bombarded with on a daily basis, and actively attack anyone who has the temerity to share information with them which contradicts the propaganda that they have come to embrace. And for those whose families and social networks have been torn apart by this process, and who find that close relatives and friends have ghosted them because they question the officially endorsed “truth” and are actually following the scientific literature, this can be a source of deep anguish, sorrow and psychological pain.


My simple thought or explanation would be “brainwashing” through propaganda and gas lighting.

But what ever it is, it is real and it explains the stupidity of the day.

NO QUARTER !!!!!!!!!!!

Professional Leftists Begin Trying to Retreat from the Consequences of Their COVID Nonsense

The professional political leftists are starting to rebrand themselves as having fallen victim to the “bureaucracy of COVID”, and according to those high-minded people who think very highly of themselves, we are supposed to embrace this new enlightenment from the same people who were demanding our acquiescence to their dictates.

I/We are expected to appreciate the same people who demanded our acquiescence to every policy that was created by their ridiculous fear, simply because they now admit ‘oops, my bad‘? Sorry, not happening.

For two years they shoved their intolerant fingers in our faces, destroyed lives and livelihoods, made ridiculous demands in order to sustain their own fear, threatened our children, destroyed the economy, used COVID as an excuse to destroy families and steal an election, attempted to force us to kneel at the altar of their mask wearing and never-ending vaccine crap… and we’re just supposed to what, forgive them?

Fat chance. That sound you heard was millions of us locking the door, turning around to face them, and now the reckoning is about to begin.

I’m angry.

Very angry at what “those people” did to us for the past 2 plus years and the even greater damage they did going forward.

I will never, ever, ever accept the bullshit of “but we didn’t know” or “we did the best we could with the information”.

NEVER !!!!

We knew enough in the first two weeks.

The “information” you used was counter to FACTS.

“Those people” deliberately withheld lie saving medications.

Beware The Reckoning…………….



New Laptop !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went ahead and pulled the trigger and ordered the new laptop.

A gentleman at work asked about the new laptop and I told him I hadn’t set it up yet.  I told him as I’ve gotten older, new laptops and phones and the such don’t excite me very much any more as it has turned into a royal pain in the ass to set up new devices. (unless you like factory settings).

^#(@** !  !)@@&     !(#_+#@

That’s the best description so far of the new laptop set up.

#1     When starting up the laptop for the first time, it wouldn’t let me progress without logging in with an MSN account !!!   Well #*&#^@ you MSN !!!

So, I shut it down and went to the old laptop to make an MSN account.  Of course if I’m going to set up an MSN account, it’s all going to be fake information (^%@$!# you MSN/Bill Gates et al).

I went into my ATT account to set up a new sub account with a new email address to set up the MSN account.  Either ATT wouldn’t let me, or all variations of “FUCK JOE BIDEN” weren’t available.

Crap, so I decided to just use my current throw away address to set up the MSN account.  Turns out I already had one that I set up many years ago.

Good news is that when I restarted the new laptop, it went to a “Create A Login For This Laptop” screen !!!!

YEA !!!!!!!!!!!!

Things were looking up !!!!!!!!!!!

Wait for it………………………………….

#2     The first thing I wanted to do was download the Brave web browser.  Very strange that when I clicked on “Download”, a pop up on the MSN default Edge browser popped up and said “You already have a browser, are you REALLY,REALLY,REALLY sure you want to do this????”

So I downloaded Brave and when I tried to install it, another popup came up and said “THIS APP IS NOT VERIFIED BY MSN AND YOU CANNOT INSTALL IT !!!!!!!”

Same thing when I tried to install ExpressVPN.

In “S Mode” on Win 10, you can only get apps through MSN.

^%#$@ YOU to infinity !!!!!!!

Why does that sound like “monopoly”??????

So, I either have to turn off “S Mode” (which it seems you can never turn back on) or figure a way around the MSN cluster fucking.

The only good news is at least I have an operational laptop to keep using until I figure this out.

EXCEPT !!!!!!!!

I did make the decision to “upgrade” from Win 8 to Win 8.1.

Other than reloading a boatload of useless crap on the old laptop, something changed that won’t allow me to connect the HDMI to my 23 inch HD TV monitor !!!






More Stash Stuff……………..

Made a run to the hardware store to get more supplies for the apocalypse  (The Brandon Administration) bunker.


I have several really nice flashlights staged around the house for the “Dark Times”. We have had a few power outages in the past 5-6 years all because of the same %@$!# tree a few properties down the way.  Knock on wood they were always in the summer time so freezing wasn’t a problem and they have removed (FINALLY) the offending tree.

3 medium sized flashlights and 2 headlamps.

The “Husky” flashlights a re fine product, but there are other Energizer lights would have rather had. BUT !!!  The other Energizer lights had (a) uncommon batteries or (b) other than AAA batteries.  I want to have all of the lights using the same batteries.

I don’t buy very many batteries anymore and I was surprised to see that the package of Energizer batteries are good for 10 years. Yeah for that.

I did open each item and test them.  All work.

I asked the question previously about opening the prepackaged supplies.  I did open them and I am glad I did.

1)   Make sure that there really is product in the container.  Would hate to go into the apocalypse zone and find out I have a dozen tubs of someone’s old socks.

2)  Make sure the product is in usable condition.

Of the three tubs I opened, I found 3 items that were damaged.  Two of them had small cuts and one of them had a bad seal/seam on the top.

Now, the company that I purchased the tubs from were willing to give me a refund for the damaged product, but they wanted me to send the entire tub and contents back so they could replace the entire tub !!!  WHAT THE WHAT WHAT ?????

Besides the gross inconvenience, there would be no guarantee that they would have a replacement to send me.

So, I contacted the manufacturer, “Readywise” and they will be sending three replacements to me.

That means sometime soon, I will be sampling the three damaged products for a taste test.





Any Y’all Use Patriot Mobile?

Patriot Mobile

It seems at first glance that ATT/Directv will “cancel” OAN News from the programming.

I rarely read/watch OAN but solely on the principle of it, I will be looking to drop my ATT phone coverage soon.

We need to make they pay in real costs.

9 Out Of 10 Doctors………

Don’t approve of eating this:

(And that’s why I go to doctor # 10)

Fried chicken skin.

I was making boneless chicken thigh rolls and decided to wrap them in bacon.  But after rolling the 2nd thigh, I realized that I had forgot to put the skin back on.  Oh well, Just fry up the skin when I fry up the thigh bits l trimmed off for the dog.

The only thing I think more decadent than this food, would be deep frying pork belly in duck fat.

CRAP !!!!! Now I’m Looking For A Laptop……………….

I have had my Win 8 laptop for almost 9 years.


It’s been a fine computer and has done every thing I need.

But support ended for Win 8 and I purchased my first software that is not Win 8 supported !!

I have always resisted the free update to Win 8.1 just because I don’t like updates.


It’s cheaper at a few other places, $399-$410.

It’s got a lot of what I want/need.

8 Gig Ram (old 4 Gig)

4.1 Ghz processor (old 1.7)

256 Gig storage.  This will be the first computer I have had with SSD.

Storage is not an issue as I keep most data on several externals.

3 USB ports   Would really like more

Screen size is moot since this will be plugged into a “docking station”.

$400 bucks is in the budget if I cut a few other future purchases.  I hear brakes are only a suggestion.


I love new computers because I like tweaking them, I also like the idea of a “clean” computer.

What I don’t like, is having to reinstall all of my software and setting all of my online accounts.