16 Minute Steak

Outside of family, I don’t cook for many people.  When I do, I think I get a lot of polite compliments on whatever I cooked.  Now, I am the kind of person that has a hard time accepting compliments unless I have done something remarkable.  I’d much rather I be told the truth, even if it means I didn’t do something right. (That’s how you learn to do better)

But I do get compliments from family when I cook steaks.

Someone asked what my secret was.

“Meat and heat”, really not too difficult.

Lots of people have some sort of “secret” way of preparing steak.  I have a couple of different ways of preparing steaks (but no secrets involved!!)

In the video below, as long as you have a known temperature, it’s just timing and it’s easy to adjust for rare and medium rare.  Yes, those are the only two choices for cooking steak.

The in-laws were over and I made some really nice boneless Strip Steaks.


Veal Breast

Along with not having eaten very much lamb in my youth, the same applies to not having had very much veal.  I think I recall a few veal scallopini dinners when I was a kid, but I highly suspect that it wasn’t really veal.  But fast forwarding a few decades, I had a coupon at the grocery store for $4.oo off any meat.  I thought that it would be a great time to make a veal dinner so I got a 3 bone veal breast (at a fantastic price as well !!)

Outside on the grill in the cast iron pan.  The baby yukon golds will keep the meat company during cooking.  Very simple seasoning: oil, kosher salt and a little rosemary

A little side dish.  If I remember correctly, these were Texas Sweet onions that I grew in the garden.  This was about half of the crop.

About half way through cooking.

Proof of a Supreme Being: Meat and potatoes

Onions all done up. Yes they were very good.

My wife was not as impressed with the veal as I was.  I thought that it was very good.  Something I will definitely cook up again sometime.

Bacon Disastor !!!!!

Dispatcher: 911, what is your emergency?

Caller: BACON !!! FIRE !!! FIRE !!!

Dispatcher: Sir? I don’t understand what your emergency is.


Dispatcher: Your bacon is on fire sir?

Dispatcher: Burning bacon is not a reason to call 911 sir, good day.

OK, the very sad back story:

Starting off with a nice package of thick cut and very fresh bacon

Decided to cook the bacon outside on the grill, so I used my “Fish” tool

Adding some brown sugar with fresh ground black pepper
oh, starting to look great !!

And then the Hindenburg crashes into the Titanic !!!!

The picture while surely showing the pain of the lost bacon does not do it justice. I twas horrible !!!
I thought that the way I set the bacon on the grill that the grease would not hit the flames, but guess what, I was wrong.

The “funny” part of this is that my daughter saw all of this and did not want to eat dinner because “I don’t want to eat something you burned and then had water poured on it.” She didn’t know that the other food on the grill was OK.