Well Known Meteorologist Gets It Wrong

From the Chicago Tribune 05/06/2102


Dear Tom,
I have heard that sea levels are rising. How much has occurred, and what are the forecasts for the future?

–William Levy, Chicago

Dear William,
The level of the “world ocean” is rising— an issue that will post flooding problems in the future. Studies conducted by the National Ocean Service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration yield these statistics: Sea levels changed little until 1900, then rose 7.3 inches from 1900-2000. But the rate of increase has accelerated dramatically since about 1990.

An additional sea-level rise of 1-3 feet is projected by 2100, the combined result of thermal expansion of ocean water as the seas warm due to a warming climate; melting of mountain glaciers; and loss of ice from Greenland and Antarctica through melting and calving of ice into the ocean.

Tom Skilling as a meteorologist is a living legend in Chicago weather news/forecasting.  It was only about a year ago that I recall him being soundly on the “lukewarm” side of AGW.  I listen to him almost daily on a local radio show  (WGN 720 AM) and unfortunately it seems that he is buying into the AGW nonsense.

Almost all of the answer can be debunked here:



I can only hope that in this case, the answer was done by an intern who just “googled” sea level.