Vacation: Day 6

Today I shot some shit (and drank a beer)

Checking the log book, I hadn’t shot ANYTHING since the first week of February !!

Went out for a quick shoot at my brother’s range on a nice hot summer day.

I went out a few days earlier to find some 380 ammo and what I was able to find was not what I wanted.  I wanted to do a quick test and see if it was accurate for my gun (Smith & Wesson 380 EZ)

10 rounds on the left for “Winchester 95 grain full metal jacket flat nose”.  On the right, “Browning 95 grain full metal jacket flat nose”.  If you know who Paul Harrell is, you’ll know that when he lists ammo specs, it’s just a single line !!!


OK, other than I need to adjust my sights a little, it looks like both brands of ammo are consistent.  The black circles are 4″s.

I need to do this test with my hollow points that’s my carry ammo but those are about $1.00 each !! But it needs to be done.

Everyone can stand at a firing line and shoot little groups.  Let’s kick up the training a little and try shooting while advancing on your target.  I only do this once in a while but it’s good to do and it’s fun.  You can explore my yootube channel if you want to see shooting in the woods which is lots of fun and I would hope it helps with the training too !  4 rounds in the first mag and 8 in the reload.


I goofed up and shot the target with a mag from my Beretta M9 22 so there are some extra holes.  The paper size is 11X17 for perspective.  I think I will do this drill more often.

Vacation: Day 5

Today I worked my compost pile (and drank a beer)


PHEW !!!  Really late this year getting it done !!


I made a screen about 20 years ago (WOW, that long ago??) with 1/2″ by 1/2″ wire.


I got about three wheelbarrows out of last years compost.


I used it around my little oak tree and it was used all around my palatial estate as cover and it gets worked into the soil as well.


All cleaned out and ready for the new material to start again.  I use an old plastic garbage can with holes drilled in it as the pre-cooker .  A well managed compost pile really shouldn’t have too much of an odor.  But I mostly put grass clippings in the composter and I LOVE that ammonia smell !!


I let the debris that failed to go through the screen dry out in the sun on the tarp, put it back in the bucket and “chopped” it with a spade and screened it again.  This is all that was left.  Makes a big difference to make sure you don’t put things in the compost that will definitely not decompose or go through the screen.


Vacation: Day 3

Today I opened the mystery bag (and drank a beer)


Sometime last year, the crazy lady known as “Mom” dropped this bag off at my house (when I wasn’t home).  I hadn’t opened it until today.


I knew what was in it.  My hockey gear from 1980 that’s been sitting in a barn since 1982.  Really, really surprised that mice never got into it.  My gloves are missing because I took those where ever I went to play pick up games when/where I could.