Fried Catfish

I don’t fry foods very often.

1:  I don’t like the smell of cooked grease in my house

2: I don’t need all of the extra fat calories

3: I don’t like the smell of cooked grease in my house

No, I didn’t have a senior moment and forget what I had already posted.

I really,really,really don’t like the smell of grease in my house.

Several weeks ago at work they had a few samples of “Mardi Gras” food stuffs put out and these were the items that I took home.

A bit of catfish nuggets from my fish monger.  The best part about the catfish nuggets is that they are boneless.

The nuggets after a quick dredge in the coating.

HEY !!!  Look at that !!! Outdoor cooking.

None of that nasty grease smell in my house.  Did I mention that I don’t like the smell of grease in my house?

I’ve had this grill for maybe 3-4 years and this is the first time that I have used the side burner.

The first batch of catfish snizzeling away in the hot oil.

The coating mix had lemon in it and I could really smell that while the fish was cooking.

All fried up and ready to eat !!

The coating was very light and definitely did not overwhelm the excellent catfish taste.

Not too greasy and this was the first time that I had ever tried Remoulade sauce and it was GREAT !!!!

I’ve used the Remoulade on just about every thing I’ve eaten lately !!

Lunch for Week VII

UPDATE !!!!!!!!!
Just finished my first bowl and it is the best !!!
This will be the way forward that I prepare The General !!!

Made another batch of “General Tso’s Chicken” for this week.

But I went about it in a slightly different way. When made by the directions, the chicken is well covered and flavored in the sauce, but there isn’t any sauce left for the rice and the good fried texture of the chicken is lost.

So, the first change was that I doubled the amount of sauce made (and tossed in a pinch more of red chili flakes) and second, after frying the chicken, I will keep the chicken and sauce separate until I reheat it at lunchtime.

Here are the raw ingredients:

The sauce:

And of course, the crunchy fried chicken:

Cost for the week of lunches:
Bamboo Shoots .89
Tso Sauce .85
Chicken thighs 2.00
Green Pepper 1.00
Rice .50

Pretty cheap, even for me !!!