Free Food

A short time ago, I was rewarded (off the books) for a project that had incredible results.

And that reward was a “Chili’s Gift card”

So the family had a couple of dinners at Chili’s

The first time it was just a classic bacon cheese burger.  Bacon and cheese is about the limit to the amount of “stuff” that gets piled on a burger for me.  Good thick apple wood bacon.

The next dinner we had, the wife suggested we get the “2 for $20” deal.  A shared appetizer and two entrees.

We had the “Crispy Onion String & Jalapeño Stack”.

Now, there are nanny state ninnys that get enjoyment from telling others not to enjoy themselves:

Well, screw them.

We ate it and enjoyed it a lot !!!

Dang, those Jalapeño’s are hot !!

“Beer wench, fetch me a stein!!”

And I got the dry rub ribs.

I like ribs, but every time that I order ribs, I always end up thinking that I should have just got the burger !!  Food regrets !

What was really neat (and new to me) was a small electronic device at the table that you could use to pay.

I Got An “I Phone” !!!


OK, well, I found an I-Phone today.

I took a day off of work and was out for an early morning bike ride and there it was on the ground.  I found it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy out on a country road where you wouldn’t be unless you knew where this road was.

I have no idea about how an I Phone works (I guess that makes me on par with President Obama)

Looks like the little rubber protector thingy didn’t work very well.

Is there any way to get data off this phone to find the owner?