Florida Man Convicted After Using “Stand Your Ground” Law Defense

Florida gun owner who claimed self-defense convicted


From the very start I seemed to be one of the few 2A supporters that thought this was a bad shoot:

Like many situations that go sideways, this one starts out with two idiots.

Idiot “A” parks in a handicap spot (apparently without proper tags)

Idiot “B” confronts idiot “A” to tell her she’s an idiot.

What does idiot “B” think the best outcome of this confrontation will be?  We already know the worst outcome.


Why do that?

Yes, idiot “B” was assaulted by the victim,  but the assault stopped.

“Stand Your Ground” laws encourage shootings in situation that did not have to have a shot fired.

Taking a human life when the outcome without shooting would be two people going home alive?

Parents don’t have a child, children won’t have their father.

The shooter??

He’s fucked.

Rest of his life he’s a convicted felon.  Good luck with the civil suit.