Mother’s Day Dinner


Is it so far past Mother’s Day that it’s almost Father’s Day and I haven’t finished my Mother’s Day post?????

Yikes !!

Well, we had my parents over and the in-laws so there was a fair sized group.

Starting out with some drumsticks and wings.

I de-boned the wings and the original plan was to stuff them with a hot pepper filled with cream cheese.

As it turned out, the peppers had no room for cream cheese !!!

I ended up just slicing and seeding the peppers and then stuffing the slices inside the wing.

The wife pulled a couple of packages of bratwurst out and I cooked those as well, and those ended up being in my lunches all week.

Some grilled/charred vegetables too.

I had the hot oil out for cooking homemade potato chips so I also deep fried the boneless wings before slapping some BBQ sauce on them and torched them up some.

I specifically told EVERYONE at the dinner table before we started to eat that the wings had a hot pepper in them. I did not want anyone to take one, bite it and find out it was too hot to eat and then waste it.

Well, about half way through dinner, the M-I-L takes a wing, bites it  and says “Oh, this is hot.” (in a surprised tone)

I tried !!!

Father’s Day just around the corner so I am hosting again and will probably repeat much of the same food.