Rule Five: The Farmer’s Daughter

I attended a local JC my first year after high school and for those couple of summers I worked for a local farmer, “Farmer Dave.”


Farmer Dave was an older farmer, probably just around 60 at that time and he had ceased being a big time farmer a few years previous.  When I worked with him he sold eggs and insurance, at anytime had 10 calves and 20 steers, 20 acres of hay and 40 acres of corn.  He rented out the rest of the acreage that he had and was doing pretty well for himself.  He sold a lot of hay and most of the corn we ground and fed to the cattle.

One can always look back in life and with a fogged memory, misremember how things were, but even at the time I was working for Farmer Dave, I knew that doing that job was going to be one of the best jobs of my life.  It was hard work but not brutal, always kept busy so 8-9 hours a day went by quickly, plenty of interesting challenges, but the best part of the job was…………………..


The Farmer’s Daughter !!!!

Farmer Dave had 5 daughters that had about 20 years between the first and last.  There was about 8 years between the last two.  Julie, the youngest, was a year older than me and the same age as my older sister so I knew her from growing up and attending the same grade school, high school and church. (Small town !!)

A very pretty girl, 5’6″, 125 pounds, long blonde hair, classic Scandinavian features.

I had too much going on in my head the first summer and really didn’t pay too much attention to Julie or have any thoughts about her, but the second summer was different.  The first summer I think Julie spent most her her time going to work with her mother (high school librarian) but the second summer she was seemed to be home most of the time.


One thing Julie did do,was drive the tractor when I baled hay !!!


She would wear a pair of “Daisy Dukes” and a 1980’s string bikini top !!!!


Western 08

When you drive the tractor for baling, you sit sideways and watch the hay get taken in which meant that every time I looked forward, WHAT A VIEW !!  Yeah, she knew I was looking.

How do I know?  She told me.  I was pretty sure that she was not seeing anyone at the time and halfway through the summer I took a chance and asked her out and she said “yes.”  We went out about 5-6 times, went swimming, to the movies, nothing too serious but I was really glad we spent some time together that summer.



She still lives in the little town we grew up in and I see her 4-5 times a year at events. (Still looks pretty darn good!!)