“Chicago mayor and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said he doesn’t recall anything about the Obama administration’s $535 million loan to the recently bankrupt solar company Solyndra.”


Policy wonks like Emanuel remember the minutia of EVERYTHING.

The “Chicago Way”

For anyone that “knows” Rahm, this is normal:,0,6904410.story

Emanuel, on the other hand, is highly experienced at working compromises and legislation, having worked for two presidents and carried a leadership post in the U.S. House. State lawmakers say he’s brought the style he honed in Washington to Springfield — including his willingness to drop diplomacy.

While lobbying this spring for lawmakers to support a change in pensions for city workers, Emanuel called Democratic state Rep. Greg Harris, a longtime acquaintance who represents Emanuel’s North Side neighborhood. Harris opposed the legislation, which never got traction in Springfield.

Emanuel pressed Harris to change his mind, and, according to several lawmakers who heard the story, began swearing at him and threatening to burn down his house if he didn’t.

Harris didn’t dispute the story but declined to provide details of the conversation.