Chinese Food Porn

I have been doing “fairly well” with watching my caloric intake and had not been to a Chinese buffet in quite some time.

Below is “Plate # 1”

I usually judge the quality of a Chinese buffet by their egg drop soup and their crab rangoons.

This was a new place for use to go to and they scored an “A” for the soup and rangoons.


What a waist !!!

I spent about 40 minutes at the gym riding the bike, and during that time my wife sent a text suggesting going out for dinner at Applebee’s. I didn’t feel like driving anywhere, so I countered with a local Chinese buffet that’s on my way home.  Both wife and daughter concurred, and that’s where we met for diner.


I judge the quality of a Chinese buffet by how good their crab rangoons are and their egg drop soup. (The secondary quality making decision  is based on how many items are “pork”)

This place has GREAT rangoons and egg drop soup !!!

I tried not to over do it and “only” had two plates, so I wouldn’t have “waisted” my effort at the gym.