Happy St. Patrick’s Day !!!

Well, here’s another post that isn’t as timely as it should be !!

I bought the beer and the corned beef about 3 days after St. Pat’s.

I don’t  “celebrate” that day.

Boiled potatoes :  Bleh

Boiled cabbage: Bleh,bleh,bleh

Corned beef: Corning a brisket is a waste of a good piece of meat.

But the corned beef was marked down after the holiday and if you bought two 12 packs of  Irish beer, you got $3.00 off the corned beef.  And, if you bough the two 12 packs of beer, there is a $10.00 mail in rebate.

I’m a sucker for deals.

Both the Harp and the Smithwick are outstanding beers !!

There are both much stronger, heavier and fuller than the usual MGD 64 Light that I buy.

I ended up wrapping the corned beef in foil and cooked it outside on the grill for about two hours.  Came out pretty well for being corned beef.