Conceal Carrier Shot To Death In Shoot Out

Concealed-carry holder killed in shootout during attempted robbery


After being robbed Saturday evening, Derrick Gholston confronted the suspects with his own weapon as they were holding up a barbershop, authorities said. Gholston and one of the robbers were then killed in an ensuing exchange of gunfire.

That appears to be what happened Saturday when Gholston was drawn into a gun battle after two robbers held him up and then targeted the barbershop.

About 7:15 p.m., he was standing outside the Crispy Cuts barbershop, 31 E. 112th Place, when the male robbers walked up to him, flashed a gun and demanded his property, according to Chicago police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office. After Gholston handed over his belongings, the suspects walked into the shop and announced another robbery.

That’s when Gholston confronted the robbers with his own weapon and a gun battle ensued. Gholston and one of the suspected robbers, 18-year-old Carlos Smith, were struck and taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where they were both pronounced dead within an hour, authorities said.


This is sad, tragic and should not have happened.

I would like to see a better timeline of the events, but Gholston should not have followed the criminals into the barbershop.  Again, I’d like to see a better layout and walk through but I am just going to guess he may have gone in with his gun out and the criminals had their backs to Gholston.  Otherwise, I can not imagine what he may have been thinking walking into the line of fire.

His job for the day was to go home to his two boys.

Gholston, a father of two young boys, owned and operated a food truck that specialized in jerk chicken, according to Jones, who said his friend often carried a handgun because “he dealt with a lot of cash.”

“His sole purpose for carrying the pistol was for his own protection,” he added.


“His sole purpose for carrying the pistol was for his own protection,”