Skeptical Climate Blogger has Home Raided

This news is a few days old:

Tall Bloke reports that he was raided by UK police and his computers seized. Read his blog post for further details, including actions in the US involving WordPress. Also see Jeff Id here. It is not a coincidence that this story is reported first on these three blogs.”

Watts Up With That

The Air Vent

Climate Audit

These are three blogs that I read everyday about climate science and the lack of science with climate science.

Yes, I do not believe that mankind is killing the planet.  Of course things that humans do can have an impact our environment but the catastrophic nonsense being blamed on humans is just that, NONSENSE !!!

When I first heard the story of the home being raided and the computers being taken, I was outraged and was floored.  But after a few days of really thinking about it, it looks like the police are probably not looking at Tallbloke as a suspect, but perhaps looking to see if he had any direct contact with the releaser of the “Climategate 2.0 ” emails.

As someone that has followed very closely (as much as a layman that may only be as smart as a bag of hammers can do) the last 10 years of climate science and all of the side shows that have gone with it, I find it incredibly strange as to how the media pays almost no attention to those that don’t worship at the CAGW church.  At the three blogs mentioned earlier,  there has been a plethora and preponderance of evidence shown (using the scientific method) that should at the very least cause some in the MSM to at least give it a fair view.