Lunch Week X

After a couple of weeks of some kick butt chili, I am going back to some Oyster Beef.

The good news is that I am only working 3 days next week, so each of my daily lunches will be slightly larger !!!

Total cost for the week:  $8.00

Lunch for Week V

The Split Pea Soup (with slab bacon) was good, but I want to go back to my Chinese lunches, so this week it is Oyster Beef with mushrooms and sprouts.

The meat after cutting and marinating overnight in the Oyster Sauce:

And of course, the finished product !!!!

There isn’t much color in this dish.  I only added half of the sprouts and thought that if I tossed in some broccoli there would be too much food.  Did toss in a sprinkle of crushed red pepper flakes.

Going to be a little more costly this week:

Oyster Sauce:          $1.60

Sprouts:                     $1.00

Mushrooms:            $1.00

Meat:                          $5.30

I bought everything except the meat at Big Lots last week when they had a “20% Off Everything” sale so those items are 20% less.  I also stocked up on various Chinese ingredients.  They did not how ever have any of the baby corn left !!

When  I emptied the can of mushrooms, I noticed that it said “Product of China”.  That got me to thinking a little bit.  These mushrooms are not a gourmet product.  I can hardly believe that a farm(er) in China can raise, process and ship a can of mushrooms to America and Big Lots can sell it for $1.00 and make money doing it.  Is there a shortage of mushrooms in America?????  America is not able to produce enough mushrooms so that it needs to be supplemented with Chinese imported mushrooms??

Strange thoughts.

Lunch for the week I

Just for a change of pace, I did not make my usual “Split Pea & (fill in the name of a pork product) Soup”

Being the notorious cheap bastard that I am, this lunch for the week will be just under $5.00.

Normally that amount of meat would have only been 2 lunches, but I do need to lose about 20 pounds so I am going to be making a  (more) serious effort to eat less !!!

Finished product.

When using the canned vegetables, the secret is to mix them with the cooked meat, cover and remove from the heat.  That way the vegetables won’t get overcooked.  Yes, I could use fresh vegetables but sometime it’s much easier to open a can !!