Conceal Carrier Shot To Death In Shoot Out

Concealed-carry holder killed in shootout during attempted robbery


After being robbed Saturday evening, Derrick Gholston confronted the suspects with his own weapon as they were holding up a barbershop, authorities said. Gholston and one of the robbers were then killed in an ensuing exchange of gunfire.

That appears to be what happened Saturday when Gholston was drawn into a gun battle after two robbers held him up and then targeted the barbershop.

About 7:15 p.m., he was standing outside the Crispy Cuts barbershop, 31 E. 112th Place, when the male robbers walked up to him, flashed a gun and demanded his property, according to Chicago police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office. After Gholston handed over his belongings, the suspects walked into the shop and announced another robbery.

That’s when Gholston confronted the robbers with his own weapon and a gun battle ensued. Gholston and one of the suspected robbers, 18-year-old Carlos Smith, were struck and taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where they were both pronounced dead within an hour, authorities said.


This is sad, tragic and should not have happened.

I would like to see a better timeline of the events, but Gholston should not have followed the criminals into the barbershop.  Again, I’d like to see a better layout and walk through but I am just going to guess he may have gone in with his gun out and the criminals had their backs to Gholston.  Otherwise, I can not imagine what he may have been thinking walking into the line of fire.

His job for the day was to go home to his two boys.

Gholston, a father of two young boys, owned and operated a food truck that specialized in jerk chicken, according to Jones, who said his friend often carried a handgun because “he dealt with a lot of cash.”

“His sole purpose for carrying the pistol was for his own protection,” he added.


“His sole purpose for carrying the pistol was for his own protection,”

RIP: Don Wade

Longtime radio host Don Wade dies at 72,0,2199229.story

Don Wade, a pillar of Chicago radio, has died of a brain tumor, about a year after the condition forced the morning show host off the air. He was 72.

“Mr. Wade spent 55 years in broadcasting, 27 of them at WLS-AM 890, according to a statement Sunday on the station’s website confirming his Friday death. In recent years, he worked mornings co-hosting “The Don Wade & Roma Show” with his wife.

Colleagues said Mr. Wade was a relentless researcher who would wake up in the middle of the night to get ready for his 5 a.m. show. The “lovable curmudgeon” became a Chicago institution by knowing the topics he covered inside and out, said former WLS General Manager Michael Damsky.”


Don Wade was an incredible Conservative voice in Chicago on the radio.

Don was also incredibly informed about everything going on in the national political scene.   As the story said, he would usually get up at midnight and review as much of the the news as he could before his show started as he would have multiple VCR’s recording the previous day’s news.

WLS is not the same  without Don.

Arrested For Performing Late Term Abortion,0,2447848.story

A man angry that his girlfriend was pregnant with another man’s child is charged with punching her repeatedly in the stomach area, causing her to lose her nearly full-term daughter, authorities said Thursday.

Jovanny Martinez, 23, who is the father of the woman’s 11-month-old child, is charged with homicide of an unborn child…..

I’m just going to leave it there.

Felony Jail Time for The Godfather???

We can alwyas hope…..

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, at a Monday news conference, didn’t like questions about whether his press office had recorded reporters’ conversations without first seeking their consent.
That’s a big no-no under the Illinois Eavesdropping Act, one of the toughest two-party consent laws in the country.

One woman, Annabel Melongo, spent 20 months in Cook County Jail before a judge finally freed her.

Her crime: She had recorded a couple of phone calls with a court clerk. We’re talking felony, folks.

Emanuel, invoking “Will” Shakespeare, dismissed such bothersome questions about his press office doing the same as “much ado about nothing.”

“Much ado about nothing”
Yep, nothing to see here, just another Democrat getting a pass..

Breaking G8 News !!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama shifts location of G-8 summit from hometown of Chicago to his Camp David retreat

The White House abruptly announced Monday that it had scuttled plans to hold the upcoming G-8 economic summit in Chicago, and would instead host world leaders at the presidential retreat at Camp David in Maryland.

It was an unusually late location change for a large and highly scripted international summit and came with little explanation from the White House. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel — the former White House chief of staff who personally lobbied President Barack Obama to hold the summit in Chicago — was informed only hours before the official announcement.

A spokeswoman for Emanuel said the Chicago mayor was informed about the location change in a Monday phone call from a White House official.

Rahm was surprised???


I have to suspect that he asked for the summit to be moved.

The company that I work for has numerous downtown properties that we have spent an almost unimaginable amount of time and money working on plans to literally defend our properties from the protesting goons.

From day one, many,many,many people in Chicago thought that the city was NUTS for wanting these summits on Chicago.

For myself, I say GOOD RIDDANCE !!!

As for Rahm, I have no doubt that the G8 fiasco would guarantee him his only term as Mayor of Chicago.

In The “Weather Is Not Climate” Category:,0,3597423.story


Dear Tom,

What are Chicago’s five warmest winters and how much snow did each produce?


Dear Bill,

Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski checked the records and found that three of Chicago’s five warmest winters occurred before the start of the city’s snowfall climatology, which began in the winter of 1884-85, forcing him to eliminate those winters from consideration. He noted that much like this winter, the city’s five mildest winters since 1884-85 had subpar snowfalls. The warmest winter, 1931-32, had 24.6 inches of snow followed by 1889-90 with 21.7 inches; 1997-98 with 29.6 inches; 1918-19 with 28.7 inches; and 1920-21 (the city’s least snowy winter) with 9.8 inches. The winter of 1953-54, the city’s eighth warmest, was the first to record above normal snowfall, logging 43.2 inches.

First of all, 3 of the warmest are dis-included because there was no snow records to along with them.

In order:

#1     1931-32

#2     1889-90

#3     1997-98

#4     1918-19

#5     1920-21

Only one in the second half of the 20th century.

Green Failure, The Chicago Way !!!!

In March 2004, then-Mayor Richard M. Daley announced a deal that promised to save taxpayer money, reduce natural gas consumption and bring “green” jobs to Chicago.

But taxpayers might see red when they learn how the deal turned out. More than seven years later, the initiative has been quietly suspended amid problems with some of the equipment — and acknowledgements by city officials that taxpayers will probably lose money on the deal and never realize the energy savings that Daley touted, the Better Government Association has learned.

The arrangement centered on solar-powered hot water heating systems made by North Carolina-based Solargenix Energy LLC with technology designed at the University of Chicago.

The city agreed to spend up to $5 million on the eco-friendly systems, and install them on more than 100 public buildings, such as firehouses and police stations, yielding an estimated $7 million in energy savings over 30 years.

In exchange for that commitment — and an additional $1.7 million no-interest loan through the Daley administration — Solargenix agreed to open a factory in Chicago, employing at least 15 workers, and build the solar equipment there.

OK, let’s begin with the “back of the envelope math”.

$5 million dollars for the start up plus a $ 1.7 million NO INTEREST loan (to create 15 jobs) all to save the city $7 million over 30 YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s less than $250,000 of “savings” per year !!!!

Chump change for the city of Chicago !!!


There’s more !!!!!

But the deal never lived up to expectations. The city didn’t anticipate the high cost of installation, while Solargenix lost money and hasn’t seen its business flourish in Chicago as hoped. The company’s Bridgeport plant was eerily quiet on a recent weekday – no panels were being made and only two workers were seen on the factory floor.

In the end, the BGA found that one of the few beneficiaries of the deal appears to be a businessman with close ties to Daley: United Service Cos. President and CEO Rick Simon, the former chairman of the Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau and a South Loop neighbor of the ex-mayor.

A venture led by Simon owns the building at 3622 S. Morgan St. where Solargenix opened its factory. Simon bought the structure in April 2003, three months before Solargenix signed a contract with the Daley administration, public records show. The factory was ready for business around the time of the March 2004 news conference with Daley, and Solargenix remains on a month-to-month lease with Simon.

So the only winner in this is a “friend” of da Mayor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!