Bad Media # 5241325 :Words Have Meaning

“Fake U.S. marshal convicted after pulling gun in Chicago theater”

“A Will County man who drew his concealed handgun and announced he was a deputy U.S. marshal after an annoyed Chicago movie audience told him to stop talking on his phone was convicted Wednesday of impersonating a federal agent.”


I will stipulate that in this case, the weapon was “concealed.”  But since words have meaning, why was the word “concealed” used instead of perhaps, “hidden”, “unseen” or even “the handgun that he was illegally carrying.”

I will admit that when I first read the print article, I thought right away that this was a case of an person in Illinois that had a CCL and did something incredibly stupid. (Those are the kind of CCL carriers that should have NEVER got it.)

Try as I might, I was unable to find any mention of the suspect having a CCl in Illinois.  I did find a person with the same name in Illinois that lost his credentials for TRAINING CCL’s.

Highly trained and professional journalists go to school to learn how to write news.  Surely they must be educated in proper word usage.

Was “concealed” deliberately used to conflate shootings with people that lawfully carry?

Was it ignorance??? Is it possible there are professional journalists that presume that anyone that has a gun on them can carry?  Two people collaborated on this news story and I can only presume it went past at least one proofreader and hopefully an editor??  How would it be possible that all those would think that “concealed” was the correct word.

Words mean things.



Backyard Fire Pit


This is from 06/2014

Just for fun I thought I would add a little “fire feature” to the backyard.

At the thrift store I found this metal pot for $2.00 and thought it would make a good fire pit.  What I really wanted to find was the bottom half of an old Weber kettle grill but could not find one.  Sometimes they get left on the curb on garbage day but they get scooped up rather quickly by the people that go around and collect recycling metal.

A small hole was dug and the pot placed in it.


Dressing it up a bit with some stones.


I have plenty of small branches and project wood bits to use in the pit.


Quite the ingenious roasting stick if I may say so my self.

A couple stainless steel skewers and a couple of hose clamps.


Best part is it’s plenty long.


Two wieners at a time.


Picnic in the backyard.


This is on anther day that I think we had the in-laws over and needed to make many dogs at a time.


Letting my daughter have a turn at rotating the dogs.


I live in a city and legally we can’t have a “bonfire” so any fire needs to be contained.  There’s an almost unlimited way to make a fire pit they way that I did.  I’ve already had a couple of ideas to improve it but am limited by the size of my backyard and garden.

Happy Father’s Day !!

Well, at least my Father’s Day post is more timely than my Mother’s Day post !

My mother was in England and my father was invited by other in laws for the day so it was just  my in laws this day.

It could have well have been called “Meat-A-Paloza” with all that I made !!

We start out with a nice slab of St. Louis style ribs.  I sprinkled a little “Soul Food” seasoning on them before wrapping them up in foil.  They cooked for about an hour before I unwrapped them and began putting BBQ sauce on them.

We had a package of leg quarters, so I cut them up into pieces.

Ahhh, the wings.

Yep, I de-boned most of them.

Some jalapeno peppers and cream cheese

The peppers stuffed with the cream cheese and soon to be inserted into the boneless wings.

Here’s most of the food cooking.

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.

The prosciutto got nice and crisp.

What may have been at one time a chicken.

Mmmmmmm, PORK !!!!!

Bean salad, pilaf, fruit salad (and of course MEAT !!)

The grill was way to filled to cook the wings, so I saved them for the next day.

These nasty bastards were incredible !!!

I can’t wait to whip up another batch soon.