Bacon: Pizza and Soup

So many years ago when I got married, a regular feature for myself and the wife was “Pizza Night” on Saturday night.  This usually involved homemade pizza, reading the Sunday Chicago Tribune and watching a movie on TV.  Now with my 10 year old, we have been dong the same but with a DVD/Blu Ray.

So we have a pound of some fresh, thick cut bacon and I had planned to put some on my pizza and use the rest for making my split pea soup on Sunday for my week of lunches.


Sometimes I cut it up to start, and sometimes I leave it whole and cut it up after cooking.  Does it make a difference?


Mmmmm, getting crispy !


With the bacon all done, I can fry the sausage.  Pork sausage fried in bacon grease !!!!  Woooooooooooooooo !!!


Sausage, bacon and some green olives.

The wife has come up with a pretty good (and easy) recipe for the dough that is very good for thin crusts.


Now, on to the next day and making my infamous “Split Pea and Bacon Soup.”

While at the grocery store I saw on the discount cart the the beef broth marked down to $1.00 and thought that I could find a use for it.  I thought that perhaps it would add something to my split pea soup.


Very simple ingredients.  The onion flakes are a new item for this soup.


Sigh !!!

Since I live in a house with bacon moochers, this is all that was left of the bacon.  Enough to nibble on, but not enough for the soup.


Now, when I poured in the first container of the BEEF broth, I realized right away that I had “overbeefed” the soup.  I mean whoda thunk that “BEEF Broth” was going to be so beefy??

So, what to do??

BEEF !!!

I had a package in the fridge and thought that it would be interesting to now try that.  There was $2.00 coupon so it was also cheap beef.


I only used one of the pieces of beef for the soup and saved the other for another dinner.


I never learn sometimes.

No matter how I cook my soup, it always boils over and makes a mess on the stove.

Yes, I cleaned this up.


I am putting the beef in raw, so when I reheat it at work, the meat will be just right, not over cooked.


My daughter was watching me cook and she wanted a sample of the soup:

“That’s good soup daddy.”