65 MPH Bikini Top Remover……………….

(h/t matt ross @ http://conservativehideout.com/)



“The current tallest waterslide in the world is Brazil’s Insano, standing 134.5 feet high, with riders hitting speeds of 62.5 mph. The Meg-a-Blaster should go a little faster and, with a second hill at the bottom and my lack of a physics degree leaving me flummoxed, I can’t see how people won’t go flying off the end of the flume and into the sunset”

Yes, my first thought was about bikini tops flying off……….


Gratuitous Super Hot Olympic Babe (non nudity)

I was minding my own business the other night, just sitting in my easy chair reading my paper, and the wife comes in and turns  the Olympics on the television.

The American ladies beach volleyball team was playing the Italian team.  It was hard not not watch,  the American team (2012 Gold Medal winners May/Walsh) stomped the bejesus out of the Italian team.

BUT !!!

There was a player on the Italian team that was not only a great player, but I am going to go ahead and proclaim her the HOTTEST female on the planet !!!

Marta Menegatti