BOOM !!!!! (Dinner is done)



Three men who died after apparently igniting an explosive powder near northern Illinois’ Starved Rock State Park appeared to have been fishing along a river before the blast killed them, the coroner said.

LaSalle County Coroner Rich Ploch said the men were apparently relaxing while fishing along the Illinois River on Thursday evening before the “black powder substance” was ignited in a hole.

He said there was no device involved in the explosion, although black powder can be used to make fireworks.

Ploch theorized the men had either lit the powder for entertainment or, more likely, they were trying to light a fire to cook food that was found nearby.



Starved Rock is about 50 south west of where I live.

Going to be really interested in the results of the investigation.

I don’t suspect anything nefarious, but there seems to be a level of stupid that was epic.


Joe Biden NOT running for POTUS.

Joe “Dumbest man in America” Biden finally made a decision (or had it made for him) about running for POTUS.

I never thought Joe “Plugs” Biden would really be a candidate.  That’s hardly a tough call to make.

Some of the many reasons that Joe “Dumbest man in America” wouldn’t be running:

1              He’s a walking, talking political joke.

2              Has absolutely nothing to offer to America.

3              No one is excited about him.

4              He’s a stark raving mad idiot.

BUT !!!!!

The biggest reason Joe “Dumbest man in America” decided not to run………………………….


There are two ways to defeat Hillary “Strap it on” Clinton:

1              Be an unknown black Marxist that never gets vetted by a sycophantic media

2              Walk up to Hillary Clinton every day, put your finger in her face, say   “YOU LIED”, and then articulate  (with a plethora of available facts) each lie that she has told.

If you can’t do a full frontal naked assault (in political terms) against Her Majesty, Queen Hillary, then you can’t win.  There is an entire generation of low information voters that know nothing of the Bill and Hillary show from the 90’s.  There is almost an unlimited supply of lies and scandals related to Hillary that should be used daily to prevent Hillary from being anywhere near the Whitehouse ever again.

Please note that this applies to whoever is the Republican candidate.  You can’t win against Hillary with pillows and kitten whiskers.