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The Courts Gets Silly……..

Court rules Geico to pay $5.2 million to woman who caught STD in car (

The Missouri Court of Appeals upheld a woman’s $5.2 million settlement from Geico over a sexually transmitted disease she contracted in a car.

The woman, identified only as M.O. in court documents, contracted HPV, the human papillomavirus, from an insured Geico member in his car. She alleged he knew he had the virus but had unprotected sex with her in his car anyway. As a result, the woman notified Geico she would be seeking damages from the company in February 2021.

An arbitrator found the insured man liable for not disclosing his viral status, and the settlement amount was allotted in the Jackson County Circuit Court. Geico was ordered to pay the damages.


Questions about the “Gun Control Deal” So Obvious they Shouldn’t Need to Be Asked

From Da Tech Guy:

Questions about the “Gun Control Deal” So Obvious they Shouldn’t Need to Be Asked

But because Liberals are Liberals, the questions will be asked.

The “WE MUST DO SOMETHING NOW” Liberals that always take advantage of other peoples suffering and tragedies, never ask the following question of “And then what……….”


Investment in Children and Family Mental Health Services

What does this actually mean? Does it mean what it usually does basically a slush fund for various liberal NGO’s and funding activists? Does “Drag Queen Story Hour” qualify as such an investment?

Under 21 Enhanced Review Process

Will such a review be simply a check of juvenile court records or will it be something more? Will it check to see if an under 18, say , tweeted something against Gay Marriage? Objected to multiple pronouns? Insisted there were only two genders? Why would you think the left would not use these as part of such a review process?

Intervention Orders

Why does Powerline think the “more libs on the public payroll” which is the phrasing they use will not use this for interventions again as above? Why do they think these same libs are letting people go based on Race and have held the J6 defendants for over a year and are using political prosecutions against political foes will use this honesty?


Go read the rest of it…….




“Disney Employee”* Of The Week…………………

Man charged with child sexual abuse, accused of ‘grooming’ girls in Tuscaloosa County (


A Cottondale man was arrested for child sexual abuse Tuesday after an investigation began last year, according to the Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit.

The crimes unit said 64-year-old Raymond Eugene DeWoody was initially accused of grooming girls between the ages of 11-16 by supplying them with alcohol, gifts, trips to sporting events, and holding ‘”house parties.”‘

*  Hence forth, Creeps, Perverts, Sexual Deviants, Pedophiles etc, will be referred to as “Disney Workers”

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American Democrats have become the dumbest people that this planet has ever had.

99% of everything they believe, doesn’t pass the simplest of logic or reasoning.

Let’s just for a moment, indulge the Democrat’s nonstop orgasm fantasy and stipulate that in fact:

Trump planned, arranged, coordinated, funded, orchestrated, financed instigated, incited etc an actual coup to overthrow the United States government.

Would half witted morons in Congress be doing the investigation or prosecution instead of something like the DOJ????

American Democrats are that stupid that they can’t even think or ask that to themselves.



Fuck Joe Biden gas is $5.89 here.

Fuck Biden and everyone that voted for him and still supports him.

Fuck them all.


“Disney Employee”* Of The Week…………………


Former Disney Channel Star Stoney Westmoreland Gets 2 Years in Prison in Underage Sex Case



On Christmas Eve, Utah prosecutors charged the actor with six felony counts for allegedly trying to have sex with the boy—one second degree felony count of enticing a minor by Internet or text, four three-degree felony counts of dealing in materials harmful to a minor and one third degree felony count of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor.

*  Hence forth, Creeps, Perverts, Sexual Deviants, Pedophiles etc, will be referred to as “Disney Workers”

Let’s All Celebrate “Pride” Month………

Pennsylvania drag queen charged with 25 counts of child pornography

You Don’t Have To Be A Biologist


“The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee”…..

The Queen


Parts of the English speaking world has been celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 70th anniversary of her acquiring the throne “ruling” over the British Empire.

Being of Scottish descent and having my ancestors literally put in the hold of a ship and sent to America as indentured servants in the name of the Crown, I don’t celebrate British royalty.

I do however understand the parts of the former Empire that do admire, respect and celebrate their royalty.  I have always liked Queen Elizabeth.    She has always seemed to understand her role and was always dignified.

I’ve always thought that she wanted to outlive her half witted grossly inbred douchebag son, Charlie, so that he wouldn’t be an embarrassment on the throne.

I have to wonder if Elizabeth would have stepped down years ago if Chuckles wasn’t a half witted grossly inbred douchebag and was still married to Diana.

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2022 Compost…..

Memorial Day weekend seems to be the usual time when time and weather align for me to get the compost pile cleaned up.

All my life I’ve been a “burning daylight” kind of guy.  If I wasn’t outside working by 8:30 -9:00 am , I’d feel like I’d wasted my day.

Not so much now.

Didn’t get outside until after 10:30.

I knocked the pile down the day before and raked it around to get it to dry out.  Wet is no good !!

Same set up as usual, I made that sifter close to 25 years ago and it’s starting to show a little wear.  Every year I had to either add a few more staples of tap the old staples down.

Maybe an 90 minutes of work.  I don’t work too fast any more.

The pile on the tarp will get reprocessed.

All done.

I got one wheelbarrow full and three five gallon buckets.

My wife asked, “Is that all we get from our yard?”

“That’s all I want to do !!”

I used to mulch and shred everything in the yard but that’s way more work than I want to do.


Pretty much cleaned up.  There is still a little bit of wet stuff that I will rake down.

A comparison from fall of 2019.  My neighbor had a garage built that summer and had a whole bunch of 2×6’s about 40 inches long that worked well for making a neater area for the composting.