Beef Backribs and Pork Chops

I received a text from my wife while she was at the grocery store:

“beef ribs on special, want?”

My reply:

“only if they are short ribs”

I know my cow parts, those ain’t short ribs.

I usually don’t buy the back ribs because generally there isn’t a lot of meat on them and they do seem to be tougher.

But this time, I wrapped them in foil and cooked them for about an hour before I put the BBQ sauce on them.

No one else would eat the ribs so a side order of bone in pork chops was cooked also.  “Bone in” is the only way to go !! (double entendre !!)  See that little round piece of meat near the tail of the bone that’s surrounded by fat??  Best part ever !!

Had a couple of Brat buns leftover from a previous dinner.

Made a little bit of compound butter with garlic salt in it for a spread.

Toasted on the grill to crispy goodness.

I’m the guy that BBQ “experts” tell you not to cook like.  I like my BBQ sauce burnt and caramelized on my food